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What Makes a Good Date? First Date Ideas as a Matchmaking Decider

Usually, online matchmaking goes like this:
Step 1. You set up a great profile, giving information about your personality, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams.
Step 2. You find someone whose profile is a good match, get in touch, get to know each other through messages, phone calls, etc.
Step 3. You decide you want to meet in person.

After you have reached Step 3, you are faced with first date ideas for the first time. Either you come up with first date ideas or you get to judge the first date ideas suggested by the other person. Either way, the first date ideas come relatively late in the matchmaking process, when you already like someone enough to want to met them. 

A new New York matchmaking website turns that matchmaking process upside down by making the first date ideas Step 1. On this matchmaking site, the first thing you see is the members’ first date ideas. Each profile says „How about we…“ and the members complete the sentence by suggesting things like „…go to the museum and have a picnic in the park“ or „watch a game and go to the nearest sports bar“. Singles are supposed to base their decision about the profile on whether they like the first date ideas. But are first date ideas really so important? Can they tell you enough about a person to make you want to meet them?

Obviously not! There are so many other factors that are more important in the matchmaking process. But that doesn’t mean you should be lazy with your first date ideas. There are some pretty firm rules to what makes a good date and if you put a little time and effort into your first date ideas, it can make the difference between a bad or good date.

What makes a good date?

  • Create a memorable dating experience without being a total show-off.
  • Provide some activity, along with a chance for quiet conversation.
  • Choose a public place to reduce awkwardness, but leave some room for romance and intimacy.
  • A positive outlook leaves a positive first impression.
  • Have an escape plan if the date isn’t going great, but also the option to extend a date that is going well.

Stick to those and you’re well on your way to a good date.

If you are certain that you have such fantastic date ideas that would make someone fall for you, you can quite easily display your first date ideas in your be2 matchmaking profile. If you haven’t joined yet, register now – free of charge! If you are a be2 member, simply go to your profile and fill in the additional questions in the section „About Love“:

If you want to give your excellent first date ideas an even more prominent placement, you could even make them your personal greeting, which every partner recommendation sees in your profile.

Simply enter your first date ideas in the field and every new partner recommendation will know what to look forward to on a first date with you!

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