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What’s that tune? be2’s whistling TV advert has got toes tapping

be2’s new dating commercial has hit the screens as we introduce our little heart to the nation. It’s a light hearted story of boy meets girl with the help of the hard working be2 heart and a few mac books. All accompanied by a gently whistled melody…..

Dating commercial with a nice tune.

But what is that tune? We wanted to create a commercial with a nice tune that would help people understand what be2 is all about. A dating commercial with nice music that conveyed a relaxed, cheerful service with a serious intent. When we first heard our be2 tune, we just loved it. It had all the right ingredients for a jingle on TV and we thought just suited our approach to bringing soul mates together.

be2’s whistling tv advertisement.

So we had our nice music, but we still couldn’t decide how to present it. be2 is the online matchmaker for people serious about looking for long term love, but it’s also a place where people have a lot of fun. We needed a sound that reflected this. We tried all sorts of ideas, with singers and musicians, but nothing quite gave us the mood we needed. The last thing we wanted was for people to feel this was just another annoying jingle on TV from some dating company. Then it happened! George, our head of customer care, walked into the office on Monday morning, he’d been thinking about our problem all the way to work and he was still whistling the tune as he came in and sat at his desk. The rest of us just looked up at him and we all had the same thought at once….. and so be2’s whistling heart was born.

Commercial with a whistle

Whistling is about dreaming and distraction, but also about getting on with life with a cheery resilience. Just like be2’s heart whistles as it works as a busy matchmaker. Best of all, anybody can whistle, and we already know how catchy our new jingle can be. In fact sometimes it can bee too much as more and more staff get the bug and the whole office becomes a din of our whistling TV advertisement!

You can find out more about the be2 heart and b2 story elsewhere on this blog as well as a full description of our be2 commercial with a whistle.

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