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Which Relationship Type am I? Take the Free Personality Types Test!

single woman Singles should always allow themselves time to analyse their own needs in a relationship before they begin to search for a new partner and fall in love again. A personality types testcan help singles to understand which relationship type they are and to find out what they need to pay attention to when they are looking for a relationship.


If relationships keep failing for the same reasons and bad relationship patterns repeat themselves, singles must be prepared to search for a cause within themselves, in order to break the pattern. Continuing to search for a relationship in the same way will only lead to more heartbreak.

Finding out more about which relationship type singles are can help them visualise personal needs, strengths and weaknesses that influence their relationships. This knowledge allows them to find a relationship with a partner who appreciates the strengths and balances out the weaknesses determined by the personality types test. Take these three easy steps to a new, happy relationship:

1. A personality types test analyses various aspects of a person’s personality and establishes how pronounced the individual facets are. Any self-analysis is difficult and usually yields a falsified view of a person’s own personality. Hence, the results of a personality types test are usually surprising at first glance, but often reveal deeper truths that turn out to be astonishingly accurate.

2. These insights help singles to pay more attention to their own needs and work on their weaknesses.

3. A long lasting, happy relationship can be established based on compatibility of personality types, but you need to know your own relationship type before you can find the person who is compatible. That is why every relationship that begins at be2 is based on the results of the personality types test.

As the be2 personality types test is completely free of charge and entails no obligations, singles can take the test, then take their time to read the results and think about which relationship type they are before they begin to search for a new relationship.

>>> Take the personality types test now to find out more about yourself. It’s the first step towards a new, harmonious relationship!

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