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Why looking for Love on the Internet is a Money-Saver in the Financial Crisis

When the financial crisis first struck, everyone was convinced that all kinds of spending would diminish. Obviously, the first thing to go would be unnecessary luxuries, then spending would stop for anything that isn’t an absolute necessity. As it turns out, love is a necessity – such an important one, in fact, that finding love on the internet has become more popular since the beginning of the financial crisis!

More singles are looking for love on the internet as their economic prospects decline. Why? Obviously, many singles who may have been very work focused prior to the financial crisis, suddenly woke up to the fact that work doesn’t answer all their questions.

Some singles actually take economic difficulties during the financial crisis as the main motivation for finding love online, because they don’t want to be alone in these tough times. Here’s why singles feel that looking for love will save them money (according to a be2 member survey):

  1. 56% of singles in the UK say the financial crisis had an influence on their decision to look for love on the internet.
  2. 37% think they could share expenses with a partner when they find love on the internet. Life as a couple is sgnificantly cheaper than the single lifestyle.
  3. Many singles see the search for love on the internet as the most cost efficient way to find a new partner. 31% think online matchmaking sites are good value for money, compared to offline dating agencies. 35% of Singles think it’s too expensive to go out to clubs and bars to find a partner.
  4. 22% of singles who are using be2 say that online matchmaking was a good way to get to know people quickly. After all – time is money!

These are some of the reasons that the financial crisis didn’t have a negative effect on be2 . On the contrary, be2’s membership has kept on growing throughout the financial crisis, with no end in sight!

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