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Whether single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is all about love for most people. About 1 Billion romantic cards are sent and over 50 Million roses are given for Valentine’s day all over the world every year and 53% of women will dump their boyfriends if they don’t give them anything to mark the occasion. But have you ever considered whether what is supposed to be a romantic occasion is also necessarily an intimate one?After all, there have been countless complaints about the consumerist nature of Valentine’s day and some believe it’s more about selling chocolates and flowers than about truly celebrating love. A recent survey by Casual Dating agency C-date seems to prove those naysayers right!
Blue Monday is the title of a popular New Order Song. With its repeated lyrics asking „ How do I feel? Tell me now, how should I feel?“, it’s a melancholic ode to most people’s least favourite day of the week. A few years ago, scientists took it upon themselves to calculate which day of the year is the bluest of all blue Mondays. According to their calculations, the third Monday in January is officially the most depressing day of the year. This year, Blue Monday 2013 fall on January the 21st. After a relaxing Christmas, the new year’s resolutions are getting harder and harder to keep, the days are short, the weather’s awful (at least in the Northern Hemisphere – the research came from Britain), and there is little to look forward to in immediate future.
The last be2 TV ad was launched just over two years ago. We were very fond of the cute little matchmaking heart. but now it was time for a new approach. Our creative team went back to square one and thought about what matchmaking is really all about. What matters to singles when they sign up for be2′s matchmaking service? The result: the most beautifully romantic be2 ad ever! But see for yourself:Of course, there are plenty of rational reasons to look for a partner with the help of be2: The matchmaker offers a fast, effective search; be2′s matching is based on a personality test grounded in decades of personality research and relationship studies; finally, more than 30 million members all over the world rely on be2′s services to help them find the love of their lives.
The be2 dating agency experience is different for every member. Many be2 members strike the jackpot very quickly and end up in a happy relationship with the first person to contact them through the matchmaking service (some are even lucky enough to find their perfect match within the duration of a trial membership!) Others take a little longer, for different reasons.
The decision to use an online matchmaking service is an easy one to make – it’s fast, effective and the proven success rates are encouraging, especially for those who have been single for a long time. The difficult part is deciding which matchmaking site to use. There are so many different online dating options on the market and there is certainly one that is right for you, depending on personal situation and preferences. Fortunately, extensive tests have been done by reputable consumer champions, which help users find the right matchmaking service for them.We have put together a list of websites that have already published tests of online matchmaking companies. By clicking on links you will be taken to the test website where you can read the be2 test and then compare it to the test results of other matchmaking sites. Based on these tests, users can form their own opinion before registering with a matchmaking website.
July 24th is Virtual Love Day – a day of celebration for couples who found their Valentine through the internet. The reason: many couples are still shy to admit that they met online. Virtual Love Day encourages them to acknowledge the fact that their very real love story began as a virtual one.The internet has long replaced the workplace, friends’ parties, bars or nightclubs as the most common place to meet a new partner. Singles these days are quick to register for online dating sites in order to meet someone who is well suited to them and who wants the same things from love, and life. The success rates of online dating sites speak for themselves: for example, 40% of all be2 members state that they have found a partner – try comparing that to the success rate of the guy propping up the bar at your local pub…
At be2 we receive many enquiries from journalists wishing to feature be2 members who have found love in magazine articles, or in television or radio interviews. If you have found love with the help of be2 and would be interested in telling your story please write to us.We are particularly interested in customers who have found love as single parents on be2 or have found love later in life.  However, we also love hearing from all members who have found someone special on be2 or have interesting dating experiences to share. Please include a recent picture of yourself (with or without your new partner) and a brief description of your experiences with be2. Please be assured that your information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent and will be kept strictly confidential. If your story is used in any published material or media we will offer an attractive reward.Journalists looking to add some heart warming stories to a feature on online dating, or requiring a quote from the online dating experts at be2, can also get in touch with us at the e-mail below.We look forward to hearing from you,
The be2 customer service department is responsible for be2 complaints. Over 50 dedicated customer care specialists form all over the world work at be2 offices to answer all messages from customers. All emails are answered within 48 hours, usually less. If you have a complaint about be2, please get in touch with our customer service agent or read on to find out what you can do about the most frequent be2 complaints Our most common issues are customers who are not happy with their matches and customer who are not getting replies to the messages they send.Other frequent issues the customer service team deal with include the following top be2 complaints:
be2 review: The best bits from be2After an extraordinary period of growth and success for be2, it seems like a good idea to take stock of our achievements and assess where we have got to on our journey to creating the newest version of international matchmaking site be2. Reviews are important opportunities for reflection and here we aim to ensure that we take an honest and clear sighted view of be2’s achievements. Where are we and where do we want to go?
Are you looking for an opinion on be2 – part of the biggest dating network in the world? Maybe you’ve come across be2 for the first time and are curious about the back story of the dating agency? The be2 love stories page is a great place to start if you are looking for positive be2 opinions. If you would prefer to find out more about the company, then read on for all the facts on be2.In Australia, Canada and the US, be2 is often thought to be a relatively new dating service. In fact, be2 opinions from all over the world show that be2 is the world’s fastest-growing dating agency, with 30 million members in 39 countries. An English version of the be2 service has been online (in the UK) since 2007, but the be2 opinions online show that the dating agency has an international track record that goes back all the way to 2004.Your be2 opinion