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24 days, 24 Christmas gifts: Perfect Christmas gift ideas and suggestions by the be2 team, daily December 1st – 24th 2009.  December is the time for wine, in all varieties. At Christmas parties we drink to a successful business year with a glass of bubbly, most homes serve wine with Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve parties toast the new year with Champagne.Wine may be a Christmas season essential, but that doesn’t automatically make it a desirable gift. If you are planning to give a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift, you should pay attention to two things: the contents, obviously, and the bottle itself.
24 days, 24 Christmas gifts: Perfect Christmas gift ideas and suggestions by the be2 team, daily December 1st – 24th 2009. Avid readers love getting a good book for Christmas. But you’ll have to come up with something better that a paperback from the bestseller list for the true bibliophile. After all, they could buy that themselves. A special book gift is one the giver has put a lot of thought into and the receiver truly appreciates, because it is unique.You can find the perfect Christmas gift for the bibliophile in your life at an antiquarian book shop, where you will find second hand rarities, first editions and unique books that make beautiful presents. If you don’t fancy spending hours rooting around bookshops, try your luck at choosebooks.com where you can browse millions of books from 4.100 shops in 27 countries and order online.
24 days, 24 Christmas gifts: Perfect Christmas gift ideas and suggestions by the be2 team, daily December 1st – 24th 2009. To die for is such an inaccurate expression. If you died for this jewellery you wouldn’t be able to wear it, which would be a real shame. Having said that, Eclectic Eccentricity jewellery is, proverbially, to die for. Pretty affordable to begin with, you can get an extra 10% Christmas discount on all orders right here!
 Christmas still seems far away, but we are already looking forward to mulled wine and Christmas pudding, to Christmas parties and presents. Many others are less fortunate: to them, Christmas isn’t just far away, but impossibly far. Children in need often have little to look forward to at this time of year, as their families can’t afford to celebrate Christmas or give them presents.
This year’s Blog Action Day is focused on climate change and blogs around the world are contributing their own view on climate change and what could be done to prevent it.As a blog on love, relationships and matchmaking, we would like to look at the effects of people living as singles vs. living in a relationship on climate change.Living “twogether” in a relationship is far more eco-friendly than living alone , so any couple living together – even without much of a green attitude – is doing more to fight climate change than a single person with the greenest intentions.Here’s how couples contribute to the fight against climate change:
The Chinese Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, was celebrated at the be2 office last week. Our colleague Yun-Han invited us to join her for some traditional dessert: “moon cake” and “tanjuan” (rice balls with sesame or peanut filling in sweet soup). Doesn’t the moon cake look yummy?The moon festival is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese families get together to celebrate the Moon Festival, watch the full moon and eat moon cake. Couples in love also gaze at the foll moon together.Much like Chinese Valentine’s Day, there’s a great story to go with it. There are many different versions of the story surrounding the moon goddess and how she ended up living on the moon, but they all end with the belief that you can see the moon goddess during the moon festival.
Remember the days when singles had to seek love through the paper? Way back when printed personals were the state of the art matchmaking technology? The problem is, you would have to describe yourself in the most appealing way possible in very few words, and try to squeeze in a hint at the type of person you seek, too.Naturally, most personals are pretty generic and not terribly interesting. Here’s a few great examples of personals that are, well, a little different…“There is a little place in the jumbled sock drawer of my heart where you match up all the pairs, throw out the ones with holes in them, and buy me some of those neat dressy ones with the weird black and red geometrical designs on them. “
The be2 team was in Munich last week for the Oktoberfest. There were meetings to be held, work to be done and a beerfest to be visited. The colleagues from the Munich office made all their visitors feel more than welcome and they had a special treat prepared: be2 gingerbread hearts. The link written on the hearts takes you to a very special be2 page – be2 in Bavarian ! Those who can read Bavarian loved it Some pictures from the 2009 Oktoberfest after the jump…You can see even more pictures from the Oktoberfest on the be2 facebook page . 
It’s a truism among single women that all the best men are taken (or gay, but that’s a different matter). However, a new study on the factors that determine attraction indicates that it’s not so much the best men that are taken, but rather that the fact that men are taken makes single women thing they must be the best.
You want to get married? Are you still looking for the right man to marry? Or have you found the perfect guy, but are unsure if you are ready for marriage?In the 70s that question was a topic for comics aimed at young girls. Below, we will show you a marriage quiz published in the 70s that was supposed to help young women find out if they’re ready for marriage. If you answer every question with “Yes”, you’re ready to say “Yes”. The questions fall into 3 categories: