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This cuddly member of the be2 team is roughly the size of a handbag, has four legs, soft brown fur and big, beautiful eyes! Tony is 14 weeks old in these pictures and everyone at be2 loves it when his „mother“ brings him to the office.Tony’s day begins with a chauffeur-driven bike ride to work – he’s the only be2 employee with a chauffeur-driven company limousine! His work ethic may leave a lot to be desired, but he certainly contributes to an upbeat office environment…. Actually, he’s got a pretty stressful „job“ After the exciting drive to work, Tony needs a nap, but it’s usually rudely interrupted by be2 colleauges who want to say hi, give him a cuddle or play with him. Sometimes Tony even takes part in meetings!
While re-reading the fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper the other day, it struck me that the fable could be applied to online dating and singles. Sounds ridiculous to apply the moral of an ancient Greek fable to modern online dating? Well, think about it:The fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper begins at this time of year – while the weather is still beautiful and the summer is drawing to a close, the ant is busy stocking up supplies for the winter ahead. The grasshopper, however, is enjoying the weather and couldn’t be bothered thinking about the cold months ahead. As winter sets in, the ant is nice and cosy, with plenty of food to keep her going, while the grasshopper suffers cold and hunger because he didn’t prepare for the cold season.
“In search of love? Find it here!” is one of the many stereotypical taglines of the evolving Indian matchmaking e-industry. Having been able to captivate a sizeable audience in the Indian subcontinent, key players in the Indian Dating market are now keen on exploring major Non Resident Indian (NRI) populated countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the UAE. Given that NRIs generally represent an affluent, well educated and elite class with big spending potential, NRI Dating seems to be one of the potential targets of some of these leading online Indian Dating and matchmaking e-businesses.They say marriages are made in heaven. Thanks to the Information Millennium, with a tremendous change in the patterns of lifestyles and social outlook of individuals globally, phrases like this need to be redefined: marriages are made online!
This week is Valentine’s Day! Now, before you all have a fit of panic because you haven’t bough a Valentine’s Day gift yet: RELAX! It’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (If you are Chinese and have forgotten Chinese Valentine’s Day, go right ahead and panic, then go buy a gift quickly).Chinese Valentine’s Day is on day 7 of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The number 7 is considered lucky in love and it’s one of the few numbers that are considered lucky in both Chinese and Western numerology.
 My job as Human Resources Manager is to find employees who are a perfect match for be2. I will be asking them to fill in the following questionnaire for the blog, but today, I’ll answer my own questions:1. How do you help be2 members find the love of their life? I find the best employees, who will continually improve the quality of our product.2. What do your friends ask about your job at an online matchmaking agency? Whether I could pick out the best profiles and introduce them before they „go live“ 3. Which aspect of online matchmaking is particularly important to you? Honesty and respectability. Everyone on the site should have the same goal: to find a partner for life..
If you follow be2 on twitter , you’ll know that last Friday, the new be2 TV spot was filmed. Our TV manager Linda was on the scene all day and now she’s sharing her behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of the be2 TV spot…The first scene was shot in a trattoria, where the couple had a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, they were not actually allowed to eat the lovely food that was prepared. Imagine being told “look, don’t touch” when you’re sitting in front of a mouth-watering seafood dish for two hours As the second scene was supposed to be filmed outdoors – in a park – everyone involved was anxiously watching the weather and hoping for sun, and sure enough: just in time for the second scene, the sun came out.
Do you think online matchmaking services are too expensive? Maybe you’ll think again when you hear the results of an interesting British study about the value of love . The book “You Are Really Rich, You Just Don’t Know It Yet” places monetary  value on things that are more important than money – like friendships, health and love.Especially during the current financial crisis, many people are re-evaluating the value of material things and trying to focus on values that are more rewarding than money. The value assigned to love and other immaterial goods is based on research about what makes people happy. In a new value system, things like love would be appreciated for what they are: priceless ways of enriching your life, without being rich.
Love letters are few and far between these days, what with text messages, emails and IMs taking over. Nevertheless, love letters are still the best way to let someone know you love them. Sadly, love letters are also the hardest things in the world to write when you’re lost for words.That’s when 1001 love letters comes in very handy. The site hosts a huge collection of love letters, providing categories like seduction letters, erotic letters, miss you letters, friendship letters, reconciliation letters, and many more. Some of the letters are very specific, so it’s worth browsing the site for words that fit your personal situation perfectly (for example “I don´t mind being the Other Woman”, “My mistake”, “To the love of my life” and even “Seducing my teacher” (!)).
Singles with dogs know that their pets make for great icebreakers when you’re looking for love. When you take your dog to the park, you easily meet other dog owners; a cheeky dog who likes to sniff strangers’ crotches can kick off a flirt (even if it’s embarrassing) and most singles can draw the connection between a cute dog and its cute owner…But did you know that dog-lovers have certain qualities that make looking for love a lot easier? Obviously, dog-lovers are good at relationships – they already have a pretty serious one with their dogs, after all. In addition, they know a lot about behavioural psychology (let’s face it, humans aren’t that different from dogs when it comes down to it. Dog-lovers also learn to adjust to the needs of others and a caring streak will come in handy when their partner needs pampering.
be2 is continuing to grow in the Asian dating market. be2 Singapore was launched in 2008 and has grown to 42,000 Singaporean singles and there’s no end in sight – approximately 200 new Singaporean singles register for online dating at be2 every day.