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A big age difference in a relationship isn’t a new phenomenon, but somehow it remains harshly judged. Bystanders quickly form an opinion on the relationship of an older man or an older woman with a young partner. An older woman seen out with a younger man must be a nymphomaniac, a younger woman with an older man is suspected of being a gold digger. The older man is looking to recoup his lost youth with a younger woman, while a younger man wants to brag about sleeping with an older woman. Pop psychology at its best. If you’re lucky, your friends will support you, but if there is a considerable age difference between you and your partner, be prepared for disapproval to some degree.There are three ways to deal with a big age difference in a relationship: 1. Before you can convince others that your relationship is for real, you need to be sure yourself. How well do you know your partner? Are you aware of the issues your age difference might raise? Do you have a future together? Do you want a family and will that be possible with your partner? If you are sure that your partner is right for you, you should be able to convince others!
Environmentally friendly blog treehugger writes about all aspects of green living. This post about non-green weddings got us thinking: What would an environmentally friendly wedding look like?These are the top tips for a green wedding:
Life can be hard for single parents, especially single mothers, looking for love . On the one hand, they don’t have many opportunities to meet single men – most of the men at the playground, the kindergarden or in the paediatrician’s waiting room are taken – on the other hand, not every single man is interested in a woman with kids. Many a male single runs for the hills as soon as he hears about kids. Obviously, single mothers don’t want to have to lie about their kids; because they’re proud of them and sooner or later they want their man to meet the other most important people in their life. Many single mothers are looking for love online now, because it allows them to be honest upfront and look for men who are happy to date a single mother.
Having a relationship problem? Thankfully, Ben and Sarah are here to help. They post video advice with solutions to pretty much every relationship problem. The great thing is, while most of the advice is pretty useful, the videos are also very tongue in cheek, sometimes even laugh-out-loud funny!Like “How To Stop A Row In 30 Seconds”: Dating Humor : How To Stop A Row In 30 SecondsThe word “whipped” springs to mind… But it’s in the “Dating Humour” category! But then again, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some good advice!
Looking for a relationship on the Internet is becoming a more and more common strategy for singles. According to a recently published study, 40% of all singles are looking for a relationship on the Internet. But how about social networks? Are singles looking for friends on the Internet, too?To find out, we asked be2 members from 27 countries about their experiences with social networks. The results are surprisingly similar across all countries worldwide:   
Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you’ve even seen them before – people giving free hugs to total strangers in public places. You usually find them in busy places, in shopping centres, pedestrian zones and near train stations, carrying signs that read Free Hugs . Usually, they are also surrounded by a confused, amused or intrigued – and a few people who want to collect their free hugs.But what’s the point of all these free hugs? For once, this is a crazy movement that didn’t originate in the USA, but in Canada. There are several stories about how the Free Hugs Campaign started, but the gist is always the same: the guy who invented free hugs was sad and lonely and far from the people who could have given him a simple hug to make him feel better. He would have loved nothing more than a friendly hug at that moment, so he founded the Free Hugs Campaign , which has been spreading free hugs worldwide ever since:
Guys – ever wondered about the science of love? Like why you fall in love with a certain woman, why you’re attracted to another woman and why you settle down with yet another one (or if you’re very lucky with one woman covers all three bases – love, sexual attraction and attachment).One brave writer set out to discover the science of love – more specifically, the science of his love for his wife – and to find out if it’s as strong and real as he thought it was. He was put in an MRI scanner while thinking about and looking at photos of his wife and – tough competition – Angelina Jolie. The activity in certain areas of his brain supposedly tells him how strong his feelings of love, sexual attraction and romantic attachment really are.Would you dare (literally) show your emotions like that ? And, more importantly, would you want to show them to the woman you love?
Singles mainly communicate via email with people they meet through online dating. That’s great, because email is a quick, safe and easy way of communicating. You can think carefully about what you want to say, without feeling nervous. Serious online dating agencies like be2 ensure that your privacy is protected by allowing singles to communicate through a secure internal email system.Some singles look forward to every email and check their be2 inbox several times daily. Others are overwhelmed by the amount of emails they receive and would prefer to receive fewer emails about their online dating profile.At be2, singles decide for themselves how many emails they would like to receive. You can regulate the volume of emails with just a few clicks in your be2 profile and decide if you would like to receive an email when:
If you want to find a partner online, you should make the most of the advantages online dating offers you. With be2 online dating you don’t have to browse endless profiles, because you are introduced to selected partners that are a good match for you.However, these recommendations are based purely on the results of your personality test. That way you can easily find a partner who is well suited to your personality. The personality test alone can’t take into account the many other factors that influence your decision for a partner. That’s why the last step of the registration process asks you for information about yourself and about the partner you are looking for.It happens that, after a while, people are surprised at the amount or type of partner recommendations they receive. If you are unhappy with your partner recommendations at be2, here are some tips that help you find a partner online who really is the perfect match:
Marylin Manson has managed to bed some very beautiful women: porcelain beauty Rose McGowan, burlesque superstar Dita von Teese and teenage actress Evan Rachel Wood are among the beautiful women wooed by… well, what exactly? His skinny body that rarely seems to see the light of day? His ghoulish makeup? Or is it his threats to throw knives at women’s private parts, voiced in a recent interview ?In the interview, Manson ponders his special charm that makes it so hard to keep women away from him.“Maybe it’s because I’ve allowed my eyebrows to grow back,” he adds. “I think it makes me more cuddly, likeable and loveable. It means I can get away with saying the things I say more!”So guys, you heard it: eyebrows! Grow them now, the ladies will love it and beautiful women will fall for you in droves. Yes, that’s probably it. That and the knife-throwing…