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True love can strike at any age – sounds perfectly logical. Whether your first romance is the love of your life or if you fall in love again later in life – feelings don’t care about numbers.On the other hand, love at any age might mean sex at any age, and society finds that difficult to handle. This touching report about love and sex in old age homes narrates the true story of a couple who not only rediscovered true love, but also their sexuality, at a very late stage in life.On the one hand, it’s a tragic romance, because the lovers are separated. On the other hand, it’s a beautiful testament to love and its power to knock you off your feet, no matter how old you are – it can make an 82- and a 95-year-old as happy as a couple of teenagers.
Deciding on your perfect match is not always easy. Especially when you’re online dating you often feel like there’s more than one good match. It’s tempting to keep those options open, for fear of making the wrong decision. A Massachusets Instituts of Technology study has shown that this type of behaviour is not only typical of online dating – it’s also exhibited by people making decisions in an abstract computer game.Each player had the possibility to earn money by clicking on the right doors. They could click the doors as they wished, but the clicks were limited to 100, so a quick decision paid off. Still, players kept returning to less profitable doors for fear of losing that option.
Seeking a good wife? Then build yourself a time machine, because the demands on a good wife obviously used to be a lot higher. Boing Boing found a questionnaire from the 30s which rates a good wife according to her behaviour, made up of positive and negative scores.Hardly surprising: today, not even a “ good wife ” passes the test. But then most men probably wouldn’t consider it a major drawback if a woman doesn’t dress for breakfast (!) and most could probably deal with a woman who wears red nail polish (that CHEAP hussy!).Actually, cancel the time machine, just try seeking a good wife who is also a modern woman and you’ll be fine
Jewellery is a typical gift in relationships – from cheap charm bracelets to diamond engagement rings, jewellery is traditionally a gift of love. But while you could dump the charm bracelet in a shoebox when your first love dumped you, it’s a lot harder to deal with more valuable gifts. Most people don’t want to wear gems that remind them of a failed relationship. On the other hand, it’s a shame to let them gather dust at the back of jewellery box and flushing them down the toilet doesn’t seem like the best idea once the initial anger has evaporated. Then what to do eith expensive, unloved tokens of love ?
On the other hand, fathers looking for a relationship don’t have it easy – what if the kids don’t love Daddy’s new girlfriend as unconditionally as they love him?Best Father’s day wishes particularly to all fathers who are currently looking for a relationship! If you’re still a single parent, you can find a loving partner at be2.
Most couples, once they know they’ve found the love of their life and it’s the real thing, want to make it official. Most countries, however, don’t allow same-sex couples to make it official, i.e. marry.California is now allowing same-sex couples to make the love of their life official, even if the marriages are not necessarily recognised in other states or countries. Yesterday, the first same-sex couple was wed in Los Angeles and in the coming weeks hundreds of couples from all over the world will follow, eager to avail of this opportunity.In California, they are already calling it the second Summer of Love .
Inseparable couples can be many things – annoying or sweet, codependent or happy. Some envy inseparable couples, others can’t imagine anything worse than spending all day, every day whith their partner. After reading an article about a couple that is literally inseparable , never further than 15 feet apart, two journalists gave it a try: Could they live an entire day as a truly inseparable couple ?The happily married couple spent the whole day together, never straying more than 15 feet from their partner. The experiment revealed a lot about themselves, their partner and them as a couple – in both positive and negative ways. The day is narrated from their alternating perspectives, which makes for a fascinating read.
What do men ask a woman who works for a matchmaking agency? How to find a girlfriend, of course!The simple answer? A matchmaking agency like be2 improves your chances of finding the woman of your dreams. But of course there’s more to it than registering and waiting for the perfect woman to fall into your arms. So here’s some more pointers on how to find a girlfriend.
Women seem to always be looking for Mr. Right. In Films they usually find him. Sally gets her Harry, Baby falls for Johnny and Carrie has Mr. Big. Waiting for these romantic Happy Ends is always worth is, because the women are rewarded with true love.But what about women who are still waiting for Mr. Right? Who want to find Mr. Right, but sooner rather than later, because they’re not getting any younger? This unromantic article suggests that single women should no longer wait for Mr. Right, but settle for Mr. Good Enough. The author lists plenty of good reasons why single women waiting for Mr. Right will regret being so picky when they’re old, still single, and lonely. This attitude all but advocates unromantic panic weddings and is based on a very strange notion of what a relationship can and should be, but it still can’t tell women the exact right time to stop waiting for Mr. Right.
“Meat is Murder” – can vegetarian singles who share the Smiths’ opinion on that subject have a successful relationship with a carnivore? The short, simple answer is OF COURSE! I’m a vegetarian, but I’ve always managed to live with meat lovers and to have relationships with them. Unless there’s raw meat dripping on my tofu in the fridge, I don’t see why different dietary choices should endanger a relationship. However, there obviously are vegetarian singles who believe that relationships between vegetarians and carnivores can’t work out .