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be2 customer service contacts and procedureAt be2 we like to see our customers happy. When you contact be2 customer service customer service, your feedback is embedded into our improvement strategy. Our team can be contacted through the website, by email and in some countries by phone. 50 customer care agents work to ensure all messages from customers are dealt with promptly and effectively.Frequent be2 customer service issuesbe2 customers contact us with all sorts of questions. Much of the feedback is positive or easily solved, but some members also contact us with complaints, criticism or negative feedback, for instance if they are not happy with their matches and or when they are not getting replies to the messages they send.Customer service FAQ at be2:
We are experts on love and relationships, but we don’t always know what goes on between the sheets of the couples who fall in love through be2. Thankfully Casual Dating Site C-Date has enlightened us with an international survey on love, sex and relationships. They asked over 5,000 people about their sex lives… and found out this: See the results of the survey on the infographic below or read about them in detail below. You can use this infographic on your own blog or website by copying the HTML code underneath the infographic.
Valentine’s Day is still the day for love, but Casual Love Week is the time for sexual adventures! Italians who aren’t looking for love, but for a lover – and Italian singles who are still waiting for the love of their lives, but haven’t found him/her yet – don’t have to feel sorry for themselves on Valentine’s Day. This year, they have a whole week, directly after Valentine’s Day, to enjoy a different kind of lover’s festival.Casual Love Week was recently launched in Italy to remind us that being single doesn’t have to mean being alone. Couples can book a room at a number of cooperating hotels, motels and B & B’s. Italian lovers don’t just get special rates during this week, they also receive a complimentary “Casual Love kit” with a free pack of condoms, some lacy lingerie, some sexy gadgets, and a bottle of Prosecco to help them get in the right mood.
be2 Premium Membership and paymentsAs you know, registration for the be2 service is completely free of charge and obligations. You can do the be2 personality test, receive your personal questionnaire evaluation and take a look at the individual partner recommendations selected for you, no strings attached. Then, once you are convinced that be2 is the right service for you and you would like to write personal messages to other be2 members, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership. be2 payments are pretty easy and straightforward for internet users who are used to paying for services online, but we have summarised the be2 payment process for those who might have trouble navigating the website. If you are looking for information on ending your paid Premium Membership, please find all details here .
Christmas is a holiday you don’t want to spend alone. If you are in a romantic mood and want to spend xmas with someone special, we have compiled the most original and romantic ideas for Christmas in this seasonal video. Are you ready for our special tips? Here they are….Romantic Christmas idea no.1: Ice skating Take your partner on an active date. Winter is the best season for ice skating. What can be more romantic than holding each other’s hands and enjoying the xmas mood. (Psst, a special tip for the ladies: If you want to get more intimate with your date, pretend you don’t skate too well. I’m sure he will be more than happy to support you.)
Online matchmaking has become established and is proven to be successful. „We met through the Internet“ is no longer an unusual love story. But if you can find Mr. or Mrs. Right online, why not try looking for Mr. or Ms. RIGHT NOW? After all, not everyone who is single is necessarily looking for a serious relationship. Many singles enjoy their freedom while they can, with one night stands , erotic adventures and by living out secret sexual fantasies. If you want all that – and more – but without commitment, you can find your match through a Casual Dating site.
If you have ever been to a wedding in a foreign country, you probably know that wedding customs and traditions are often very different from one country to the next. We put together a list of some interesting wedding customs and traditions from all around the world.Did you know….Embed this infographic on your site using the code below: <div style="width:600px"><img src="http://www.be2.dk/be2/external/infographic/wedding_customs_uk.jpg" alt="be2 wedding customs infographic" /> Wedding customs infographic provided by <a href="http://www.be2.co.uk" >be2 dating</a>.</div> <p> International Wedding Traditions and Customs
As a serious matchmaker, the trust of our members is of utmost importance to us. be2 is very interested in providing them with the best product experience possible. If you are a be2 member and have feedback for us, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service here . Our qualified team of international customer care agents will contact you to help with any issues you may be having.
Food is one of the ingredients of life that brings people together wherever they are from, whatever their religion and culture. It is one of our main needs in life and we need it in order to survive and thrive. Besides being a necessity, a good meal can also make us feel good or impact our mood in other ways. Positively mood-altering food is called “Happy Food”, a term used to describe food that gives us a happy feeling, due to higher levels of vitamins and minerals that impact the production and release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. How to have a great date with Happy Food?If you are planning a date, you could consider having a dinner at home and treating your date to a self-made happy meal. The most obvious choice for a first date is an aphrodisiac meal , but if you want to make your date feel happy rather than sexy, we suggest a different menu…
This year’s wedding season got off to a grandiose start with the big Royal Wedding and the nuptials of Kate and William were seen by many as something other couples might aspire to. A survey of singles now shows that a dramatic white wedding is not a big dream for the majority.Most of the singles who took part in the survey want to get married eventually. In fact, only 20% would not marry if they had a choice. However, the numbers who wanted a white wedding are much lower. Despite 78% of respondents saying that they dream of marriage and 44% saying they expect their wedding to be ‘the best day of my life’, most singles describe their dream wedding as an intimate affair, with “our closest family and friends, a fancy dinner and a small celebration”. Only singles under 25 are keen on the big white wedding, while all other age groups prefer something quieter.Over 65% would only marry if they had found “the One”. Obviously, that level of caution might be related to the fact that 85% of respondents think marriage changes a relationship.