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Proving your love by saying I love you is, to many people, the best way of showing your feelings. Many people want to be told I love you as often as possible, some less often, but it’s still regarded as a way of voicing true feelings in a relationship. The frequency of I love you s is often equated with the strength of a relationship.One factor, however, is often overlooked. I love you means different things to different people. To some it comes easy, especially if they grew up in families where I love you is said a lot. Like: Have a nice day – I love you! , Good Night – I love you! , Drive safely – I love you etc. If you’re used to that, it’s relatively easy to prove your love in a relationship by saying I love you , because it just comes naturally.
Our membership numbers continue to grow – be2 now has 8 million members. We’re happy about each new milestone, what does the number of members mean for be2? Do lots of members equal a good online matchmaker?There are a few reasons why an online matchmaker is one with many members: 1. more members = greater selection Each newly registered single is one more single other be2 members can get to know. 2. more members = better partner recommendations With each new profile the single recommendations made by be2 become more precise. 3. more members = more staff As be2’s membership numbers grow, so does the number of staff. That means there’s more people to improve the service and help be2 members with queries. 4. more members = more success The best sign of a good online matchmaker is the number of success stories. The more singles become be2 members, the more success stories we receive.Our 8 million members are a pretty good sign of a good online matchmaker, but you can see for yourself that be2 really is a good online matchmaker, registration is free!
When we first heard of “smirting” , we thought “buzzwords the world hasn’t been waiting for”, but having observed the effects of the smoking ban, we have to admit: it’s a real flirting trend.Walk past any busy Pub in the UK or Ireland on a weekend night and you’ll find groups of smokers, talking, laughing, asking for a light, and of course flirting, to their hearts’ content.Smokers banned from their local due to the smoking ban obviously feel like partners in crime. In the past, the noise of a loud pub could get in the way of flirting, but while smoke-flirting (smirting), you can actually have a proper conversation. For shy men and women it can actually be easier to get to know people through smirting than it would be to start flirting in a bar.Obviously you’re not going to start smoking just to get to know people outside the pub, so here’s the trick: join a friend who is going out for a smoke and you can join in the flirting part of smirting without ruining your health.
We have speculated on the the perfect name for your online matchmaking profile . Now there’s a scientific study by a professor of cyber psychology, which gives us the definitive best names for online matchmaking profiles.So, which are great names to fall in love with? Heading the list, we have “funny and flirty” names to fall in love with, like “joker” or “sweetie”, closely followed by descriptive names like “blue eyes” or “blondie”. When it comes to Online Matchmaking names, men obviously have different priorities from women. While the latter are attracted to names with a touch of class, the former don’t like names like “bookworm” or “well-read”.
Are you still single? Your single lifestyle doesn’t just affect you, your friends (and your parents, who finally want grandchildren,) it also affects the environment!A study has shown that millions of still single Britons are preventing Britain from reaching its environmental goals, because their single lifestyle is so wasteful .Although environmentally concious living is widespread, you only need to look at single lifestyles in cities to realise that these one-person households use a lot of energy and produce loads of rubbish.One more good reason to look for someone to share your life with if you’re still single in the city!
A while ago, we pointed out that a relationship is put to the test during the first holiday as a couple .Interesting question in that context: when is a relationship actually ready for the first holiday as a couple? Obviously, there’s no universal answer and it’s different for every couple. But when we read about a new trend called “ Holidate ” we stumbled upon this:There are couples who book their first holidays 6 weeks into their new relationship! That IS a little early for ANY relationship, isn’t it?
Can books prevent relationships? The american blogosphere has been discussing that question, since an article in the New York Times declared the topic of relevance to relationships.The article observes that some people end a relationship as soon as they discover their suitor has a bad taste in literature.Obviously taste can be a good indicator of compatibility (that goes for literature, as well as film, music, art…) A shared favourite novel can get a relationship off to a good start, and it’s important for an avid reader to find a suitor who also enjoys reading.
The ideal image of a desirable woman since über-blonde Marilyn has remained unchanged – blonde and voluptuous.Because desirable women often serve as arm candy for wealthy men, these get to pick the prettiest ladies, which is why our image of a millionaire’s wife has always been blonde and voluptuous.Now it looks like it’s time for blondes to move over, because a desirable woman nowadays is a brunette woman. An analysis of the hair colour of the prettiest ladies on the arms of rich men revealed that most of them dark hair, leading to the equation „desirable woman = brunette woman.“
…well, think again! While clearing out the magazine archive, we came across an article about the love life of various animals . It’s a pretty gripping read! Fun facts about animal relationships:
When you hear perfect couple, you usually think of double-whammy beauty, like Hollywood dream couple Jolie-Pitt or the lovely Rossdale-Stefanis. Now an American study has found that pretty women and less attractive men make the happiest couples .According to the study, attractive men are unhappy in relationships with less pretty women and spend their days looking out for prettier women (when they aren’t busy admiring their own reflection, presumably). Obviously, it follows that these insufficiently pretty women are also unhappy.Quite the opposite ist true when the situation is reversed. Less attractive men try harder to please pretty women, which makes them happy, too. Hence, they are the real ideal couples.