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Breaking news! Women like flirting with attractive men!Another study that throws all conventional wisdom overboard, forcing us to view flirting behaviour in a whole new light. We never would have guessed that women like to flirt with attractive men! Well, thank goodness for science that deals with such important flirting issues at length.Else we would have asked our Grannies, they would have told us the same thing.
No time for love? Then it’s time for a love holiday!If your boss laughs at you when you demand seven days off for a love holiday to get your love life back on track, point him in the direction of the finnish law draught proposing just that – a legally required love holiday for all couples .Couples are to use the love holiday to connect ”both at an erotic and emotional level” and ”find their way back to the path of love in order to find the wellspring of love again.” No mention if the law will set the couples an itinerary for the love holiday. We certainly wouldn’t mind taking a love holiday – all in the best interest of Queen and country, of course.
Matchmaking has a lot to do with faith and trust. First of all, you need faith in yourself, you need to feel desirable as a single and you need to believe in happy relationships. There was a time when singles trusted their parents or professional matchmakers to arrange a marriage. Today, singles often trust friends to set them up or search for a relationship through online matchmaking.But obviously some singles trust no one more than… God. Well, you could say God was the first matchmaker in history, because that relationship between Adam und Eve surely wouldn’t have been possible without his help. The logical next step for faithful catholic singles is obviously to pray for a relationship.Seeing how God probably has lots of other requests to deal with, they direct their prayers to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of singles. This article was interesting for that snippet of information alone – we never knew singles had their own saint!
Ever since we’ve been writing about online dating developments for the be2 blog, we’ve been waiting for the moment we could use this cheesy headline.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 million singles started online dating with be2, but that wasn’t enough for us, because none of those occasions offered the opportunity to abuse this cheesy cliché.So there you have it: online dating with be2 is 7th heaven for 7 million singles! Okay, so it’s heaven for them, but what the hell will we do when be2 reaches the 8 million? Anyone got a good pun?
The Quick Match is barely a month old, but the first couple has already been matched – and has fallen in love – thanks to the Quick Match. Here’s the first success story from a couple that was matched by the Quick Match:“I sent him a Quick Match, he won my photo. Long mails followed and, a week later, the first date. Now we’ve fallen in love head over heels.”That’s how quickly the Quick Match can work and of course the product mangers are mighty proud that their hard work developing the Quick Match has been worth it! You can read more about this couple’s success story – and many others here .
St. Patrick’s Day isn’t primarily a romantic occasion, but it’s a great occasion for singles. The Irish national holiday is a day of celebration, socialising and meeting new people.Singles could do worse than seek out their local Irish Pub, where t-shirts proudly proclaim “Kiss me, I’m Irish” and “Everyone loves an Irish girl/boy.” That doesn’t necessarily make for a romantic atmosphere and you probably won’t find love in a packed pub, but at least the luck of the Irish is with Singles on Paddy’s Day. Did you know the Irish national emblem, the Shamrock, represents courage, wit and love ?You also might not know that Irish singles have been able to find the love of their life at be2 for almost a year now. We wish all Irish be2 members an extra portion of luck and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”
Identity theft is usually associated with material losses. Credit card, bank or insurance details can be used to do serious financial damage. We know these risks and we protect ourselves against them. Now, there’s a new type: online-matchmaking profile theft.Apparently, some singles looking for a partner are so lazy (unoriginal, uninventive, insecure…?) that they can’t describe themselves the way they really are in their online-matchmaking profile. Instead, they copy other singles’ profiles, probably in the hope of improving their chances with those looking for a partner. Of course, we are aware that sometimes singles lie in their profile and it’s impossible to rule that out. An online-matchmaker can’t ensure beyond a doubt whether singles tell a white lie about their weight or income, but the truth usually emerges sooner or later and – depending on the severity of the lie – the liar comes to regret it by the first date with a new partner. Singles that are honest have better chances of finding the perfect partner.
International Women’s Day was originally a political occasion to honor women’s social and economical contributions. Women would hold rallies to protest their disadvantages in politics and society.In many socialist countries, International Women’s Day was declared a holiday and promoted by the state. Today, International Women’s Day is still an important day for women who want to call attention to their political goals.In many countries, however, International Women’s Day is no longer political or feminist, rather it’s become an International Women’s Gift-Giving Day, much like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. In Russia, men give gifts to the important women in their lives and congratulate every woman they happen to come across on that day.
Recently, we explained why we don’t want a relationship based on a partner’s great stare . You know what else sounds unappealing: a relationship based on a partner’s body odour. But that’s just what a new matchmaking service is offering.Once again, this is an American brainchild. The matchmaking service (link: scientificmatch.com) wants to facilitate relationships by finding the partner with the best b.o. through a DNA analysis. Apparently, this will lead to a happy relationship and – hello Momzillas – improved progeny.This matchmaking concept is based on a study that women are attracted to men whose DNA is different from their own, which is an advantage from an evolutionary point of view.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from observing the dating market, it’s that America is always a step ahead when it comes to dating. Americans were the first people on the moon and first to put Heather Mills on a dancing show (genius!), so it only makes sense that they are the first to pick up dating novelties!New trends appear stateside, only to become popular in the European dating scene. However, some ideas are so absurd, they never make their way across the pond. Like this dating innovation from California.Someone there came up with the idea that verbal communication fort he purpose of exchanging information is totally overrated. Eye contact is much more important, so wouldn’t it be great if dating consisted of singles just staring at each other for two minutes.Sounds great, no? Not really? Nevertheless, „Eye Gazing Parties“ are already taking place in San Francisco. Singles can stare at 20 other singles one by one and decide, presumably based on the intensity of the stare, which one of them is worth dating.