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We are wearing our party hats today, sipping champagne and humming victory tunes. Okay, actually it’s a normal day at the office and the most glamorous drink on offer is coffee… BUT we are celebrating inside! Why, you ask? Because be2 has reached a new milestone. There are now more than 6 million singles looking for love through be2 and there’s more singles signing up every day.Obviously, that’s good news for us at be2, because we are happy that our service is successful (plus the aforementioned imaginary party hats, champagne and victory tunes have totally made our day), but it’s also good news for all the singles who are looking for love through be2.
Happily in love, just fallen in love, been in love for years, hoping to fall in love, secretly in love, about to fall in love, working hard to help others fall in love . If you are one or more of the above, Valentine’s Day will be an all-important fixture in your romantic calendar.If you’re a guy, you will frantically be trying to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for the girl you’re in love with (and, let’s face it, probably fail). If you’re a girl, you’ll probably hope for the most romantic day of the year with the guy you’re in love with (and, let’s face it, probably be let down by your high expectations). We jest. If you’re in love, it will be romantic and wonderful and don’t let anyone take that away from you!
The idea behind 1 Million Love Messages is pretty simple. It’s a blog made up of love messages submitted by readers. Cheesy much? Still, we love the concept and some of the love messages are really sweet. From photos to poems, funny one-liners to epic love messages, the posts are as diverse and inspiring as love itself. The blog has a little over 500 love messages, so it still has a long way to go before it can live up to the title promise of a million love messages.Maybe we should all chip in with our own love messages?
The reasons for fights between couples are as numerous as the reasons for love. Most relationships involve some amount of fighting – and, hopefully, making up. However, most couples believe that love has nothing to do with money and that money doesn’t count in a relationship.Nevertheless, up to 80% of all fights couples have are about money. Maybe it’s because you don’t think about money when you fall in love. As love turns into a relationship, money matters creep in. When planning your first holiday as a couple, you realise you can’t afford what your partner had in mind. Or it dawns on you that their lifestyle is quite generous, unlike their income.Spending should always be equal in a relationship, as one partner paying for everything can lead to tension. If a couple has wildly different income levels, it’s tempting to let the wealthier partner take over. However, this will always come up in arguments and gives them the upper hand. Money is power, so pay your way as much as you can afford to. If you earn more, don’t go overboard with expensive presents that will only intimidate your partner.
There’s an age-old stereotype that maintains men are confrontational in relationships, while women try to avoid conflict. Traditional role-distribution required men to seek domination in their relationship, but women were always saying “Yes, dear” to prevent an argument.According to a new study, those days are long gone. Looks like women are no longer the peacemakers and much more likely to pick a fight than to end it. But does that mean we’re in for endless relationship bickering?Actually, the opposite is true! While women are becoming more assertive and more likely to speak about problems in the relationship, men are less eager to “win” every argument, so they are more willing to compromise. All in all, these changes make for more open, happy relationships, because relationship issues are voiced early on (by the women) and resolved (by men and women together).Relationship experts agree that a constructive argument once in a while can be much better for a relationship than bottling it up.
You’ve fallen in love at first sight and it’s all going splendidly – until your crush turns up for the third date wearing yellow dungarees, a purple sequinned minidress, an ill-fitting plaid shirt or (insert your own personal nightmare item of clothing here). You think back to the night you fell in love. At first sight, he or she was so tastefully dressed, but in this outfit you’re worried about being seen on the street together.What to do? Abandon ship and never fall in love at first sight again until a thorough wardrobe-inspection has been performed? Turn a blind eye and hope that love at first sight is, indeed, blind (if the colour of that horrid sweater doesn’t blind you first)? Why not perform a wardrobe-exorcism? There are many subtle – and some not-so subtle – ways of making your crush a better-dressed person.A good strategy for the situation described is to feign the onset of heavy lusting pangs, cut the date short and take your crush home, where you tear his or her clothes off with such passion, they can never be worn again.
Of course singles don’t spend their every waking hour worrying about how and where they will meet men or women. However, for most singles, it’s an important issue. What’s the best way to meet men who are single and attractive? How can you meet women who are single and don’t want to stay that way?Now, Glamour and GQ magazines got together to find the answer. They asked their readers the best way to meet men/women. Predictably, “through friends” and “at a party” came first and second, closely followed by “at work” (really? haven’t they heard that’s a really bad idea?) and “at a club” (ditto). However, online dating came in fifth place!
Placing a personal ad online to find your perfect match doesn’t seem terribly innovative anymore these days. There are plenty of websites for personal ads and online matchmaking where you can seek and find your perfect match. The time of exclusively printed ads seems like ancient history already, but can you even imagine a time before personal ads? A time when the concept of personal ads was unheard of? A time where you had to rely on being introduced to your perfect match socially or resort to your spinster aunt’s amateur matchmaking?Well, believe it or not, the first known personal ad was published a mere 281 years ago. Helen Morrison, an ageing spinster, placed a personal ad in the Manchester Weekly Journal in 1727, looking for a nice person to share her life with. Obviously, the matchmaking efforts of family and friends hadn’t produced a suitable husband, so the clever lady took matters into her own hands. Good for her!
In the romantic comedy “27 dresses,” Katherine Heigl plays a truly tragic figure – always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But the most tragic thing are the truly horrific bridesmaid’s dresses that take pride of place in the romantic film’s title and storyline.Heigl, who was a bride in real life recently, wore a tasteful white dress to her own romantic wedding and made sure her bridesmaids looked equally classy. In the film, however, she got to wear the bridesmaid’s dresses from hell: a shiny lilac dress with Elvis collar, a yellow dress topped off with a straw bonnet and parasol, and a hot pink ruffled monstrosity, amongst others. The onscreen bridesmaid holds on to all her horrible bridesmaid’s gowns in the hope of being the bride herself one day.
There are many reasons for being single. Some singles aren’t ready for the next relationship, some singles have just not met the man or woman of their dreams and some people are even single by choice. However, since you are reading a blog about relationships and online matchmaking, one might presume you don’t belong to the latter category.If you suspect that your singledom might, somehow, be your own fault, the Times has come up with a handy list of “reasons why you’re still single” , including such horrific offenses to relationship suitability as cats, corn rows, duffel coats and side-buckle shoes (obviously, footwear is a major obstacle to relationship bliss – Crocs get a worthy mention on the list, but no word on Ugg Boots).