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A new year, a new love quote… and maybe a new love for be2 members!“Another fresh new year is here, Another year to live, To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give!”- William Arthur Ward
The Champagne is chilled, the lovely party frocks are at hand, the music’s about to start, so we say goodbye to “Talking about love” 2007, hello “Talking about love” 2008!Wishing all be2 members and readers of the be2 blog health, happiness, success, and – of course – love for the new year.Until next year…The be2 team
Yesterday, we found out about Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane and her many comic book adventures. But, as one observing reader pointed out, we didn’t pick up on the fact that, according to one of the covers, Lois actually used a scientific matchmaking computer to find her perfect match. As you can see, the scientific matchmaking result was spot-on by selecting Clark Kent as her perfect match, while Lois dreams of Superman, who is (duh) the same person.We won’t even bother going into the whole “if she wants to be Superman’s girlfriend, then why can’t she see that he’s Clark without the glasses” thing, but obviously this is total proof of the success of scientific matchmaking , right? I mean, if it’s good enough for Superman…
We love Superman, the cheesy, all-American, tights-wearing superhero in his various incarnations. Our favourite was always the “Lois+Clarke” TV series, where the love story between the hero and the reporter was allowed to develop into more than just wistful glances. We adore a good love story and this one always kept us hooked with its endless will-they-or-won’t-they-storylines.What we didn’t know, however, was that the love story between Lois and Superman had already blossomed a long time ago. In fact, way back in the 60s, there was a comic book series dedicated to “Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane.” If you thought Superman was a confirmed bachelor, this collection of comic love stories will make you think again! Superman obviously had not one, but two girlfriends battling it out for his affections. 
We should have known when Christmas chocolates started appearing in the shops in September. At the very latest, the presence of decorative Santas and Rudolphs everywhere since mid-October could have set off the alarm bells. Nevertheless, the first Sunday in advent comes as a complete surprise, this year as much as every year since the beginning of time. Advent already? Christmas a mere 4 weeks away?And we haven’t even bought a tree/written Christmas cards/looked for presents!!! We love Christmas, but why does the Christmas spirit have to take us by surprise when we least expect it? So the coming month will once again be a hectic time, filled with last-minute shopping frenzies, too much food and too much booze.We hope that you still find a little time for contemplation, to spend with family and loved ones and that your Christmas season is a time for love. be2 wishes everyone a love-filled advent!
Okay, so here’s the thing: men can be pretty superficial. They love women who are pretty, wear revealing clothing and don’t talk too much. You know this, we know this, but what we need is science to prove it! And here it is: a study on the importance of intelligence vs. looks in the mating choices of men and women.It found that men valued the looks of the women they wanted to date a lot more highly than their intelligence. Women, on the other hand, were more attracted to intelligence and rated men’s looks as less important. The total turnoff for men were women who are smarter than themselves. Ambition is also a big no-no.All in all, we are disappointed, yet not surprised. Men should love women for more than their looks. And women? Well, maybe they should just admit that they love a handsome man, even if he is little more than dumb and sexy.
Today, our American cousins celebrate Thanksgiving, which means that they will watch a lot of TV, eat too much food and have family arguments after that last glass of wine that no one should have had. For couples, it poses the question “Your place or mine?” or rather “Your family or mine?” Here’s hoping some of them will manage to make it a romantic holiday, somehow. If not, here’s to an almighty hangover – we feel for you!
It looks like the love story of 2006 will be a love story for the ages. The black swan Petra, who fell in love with a swan-shaped boat last year and was allowed to spend the winter with her plastic heart-throb, will be allowed to spend another winter cuddling with him (?) in the boat shed. We way prefer this swan love happy ending to the one in Swan Lake!
We can’t quite find words for our current weather that are fit to print, but suffice to say that we are not impressed. Look out of your window now. If you see anything other than fog, rain, sleet or hail, skip this article and rest assured that we are wallowing in self-pity – and jealousy. Everyone else: we’ve been thinking right now would be a good time for a romantic holiday. As in: sunny, warm, romantic holiday. Romantic holiday on a beach. That rules out pretty much anywhere in this part of the world, so grab your boyfriend or girlfriend, get thee to thy travel agent (or, you know, travel website) and fly to one of our top five romantic holiday destinations for the dreary winter months:
Some relationship advice pages will tell you that every lie is a bad lie and that total honesty is the only way to go in a relationship. While we hate dishonesty as much as the next person, we do believe that certain lies are worse than others. There are those little untruths that prevent a loved one getting hurt, like “No, you look lovely even when you’re in bed with a fever, getting sick in a bucket” (because whose best interest would honesty serve in that case?). Then there’s little white lies that save your skin if you forgot to get a timely relationship present, like “Of course I didn’t forget our anniversary, love, I was going to surprise you with a shopping spree at Tiffany’s” (surely, that’s a win-win situation?). But THEN there’s big, fat, stinking lies that are not allowed ever in a relationship built on love and trust. Once you lose a person’s trust, the love and the relationship will soon be lost, too. In online dating relationships, lies are even worse, because you could string your loved one along for quite a while before the truth comes out.