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Halloween is not typically a time for love. On the other hand, we’ve never met a holiday we didn’t like, so we had to find a way to combine talking about love with talking about Halloween.This very unromantic, but funny Halloween love story made us giggle and we hope you enjoy it , too! Happy Halloween!
Bring back the passion – now!As relationships go from exciting to established, things can get a little boring. Even if the love is still there, you may miss the thrill of new-found romance . But rather than trying to find romance in a new relationship, why don’t you find romance in the relationship you already have. All it takes is a little time, imagination, and love. Here are a few tips that rekindle the old flame and bring back some passion:
Men seeking to propose to their girlfriends are apparently under such pressure to get their marriage proposal right (seriously, how hard can it be?) that a magazine has announced a proposal boot camp, which is supposed to help men seeking marriage propose marriage in a way that won’t result in a refusal by their girlfriend. This service will be provided for the benefit of clueless proposers during engagement season, which apparently starts in November. There’s a season for marriage proposals? Who knew?
We’ve spoken about romantic films and the lessons to be learned from heartstring-pulling, tear-jerking, sigh-inducing stories of true love. But how realistic are those films? Not very, you say? Well, yes, we can’t recall the last time a full orchestra played during a romantic kiss, clothes came off effortlessly in the throes of passion and you just can’t get those romantic-moments-in-slow-motion-montages in the real world.
Finally, we have reached the last stop on our tour through the be2 profile. After the be2 Index, “Facts,” “About me,” and “Interests,” the last step to online romance is a single’s “Views.”
Once you’ve checked out your online date’s be2 Index , “Facts” and “ About me,” and found them satisfactory, you’re only two steps away from discovering your soul mate. Next step: take a look at the “Interests”! Shared interests are important for falling in love and they can help you bond with your online date. Do you love the same books, films or music? Do you share a passion for sports, gardening or card games (whatever floats your boat…)? Will you be able to agree on your favourite cuisine? The heart symbols tell you where your interests correspond and lots of hearts mean lots of soul mate potential.
Do you love your boyfriend? Do you think he’s just a great guy, except…? Do you think he would be absolutely perfect, if only…? Would you be perfectly happy, as soon as you could change him, just a little?This is fundamentally a female issue. It’s usually a woman who wants to change her boyfriend, rarely the other way around.  TTo get behind the reason for all this boyfriend-changing would require a whole post on its own, but lets just say that maybe women enjoy changing boyfriends and boyfriends quite often are in need of change The real question is: is it actually possible to change your boyfriend? The short answer: no. The only person who can change your boyfriend is your boyfriend – it’s as simple as that. However, it is possible to, ahem, encourage change. Depending on the scale of change a woman is aiming for, this may or may not lead to a new, improved boyfriend.
Have you ever looked at an older couple, still happy and in love after years (decades, even) of marriage, and wondered: what’s their secret? Of course, there is no patented formula for a successful marriage or relationship , but there are lessons to be learned from the marriages of our grandparents. We dared to ask and learned this…
Are you feeling the approach of autumn yet? Are you sitting in front of the computer in a woolly jumper, clutching a hot cup of tea? This week, as autumn officially begins, we banish our shorts and tank tops to the back of the wardrobe and get ready to face the wind, rain and cold of the coming months. But before you get all upset that the end of summer is upon us, look at the positive side: autumn is the season that sees summer flirts turn into serious relationships .
I will walk 500 miles… or will I?