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We already know all about the chemicals involved with falling in love , how about getting those chemicals flowing with some aphrodisiacs? You know that a home-cooked meal is always a good idea for a romantic date – man… heart… stomach… you get the picture. Now make it even more romantic by using special ingredients that will have him (or her) falling in love course by course.
Generally, we’re not so big on over-analysing falling in love. We do analyse relationships (yes, there is a difference), but not falling in love. It is what it is, call that our motto. Falling in love is strange and beautiful and we don’t need to know what chemicals cause it, because that is not very romantic. Nevertheless, when we hear about all the chemicals associated with the process of falling in love, we got curious, then fascinated, then overcame our bad “relationship history” with chemistry and then found out the following wonderful things you never knew about the chemistry of love.
Yesterday, we told you that a good picture in your be2 profile can do more than just show off a pretty face. Ideally, it can show many aspects of your personality and help you find love. Today, it’s advice time with the dos and don’ts of profile photos. Remember: a good picture in your profile will attract attention and increase your chances of finding love !Do…
Of course, personality goes a long way in online dating , but a picture can say more than 1000 words. Many singles think that a photo in their online dating profile only lets others see how attractive they are. Well, yes and no.
Don’t be shy – make a move!
How to survive your first holiday as a couple “Your place or mine” is usually asked early on in a relationship and lovers stay at each other’s places regularly. However, these are short glimpses of the reality of living together and boyfriend and girlfriend are on their best behaviour during short visits. The first chance to see what really living together is like, is a holiday as a couple. Your first holiday together is like a test drive of your relationship. Here’s how to read the signs and what they predict for your future together. Compromise : Are you able to agree on your holiday plan or do you have completely different ideas of what you want to do? If the girlfriend wants to lie on the beach all day and visit a museum or two, while the boyfriend wants to go surfing, scuba diving and hiking, you obviously have different priorities. Can you really be happy in a relationship?
Did you ever wonder how matchmaking worked before the internet? This weekend, the most famous matchmaking festival in the world takes place in Ireland. The festival hails back to the matchmaking tradition in rural Ireland, where matches between singles were made by travelling salesmen who knew all the singles in the country and introduced them to each other. Unfortunately for those seeking love, there was no internet and no be2 to make matchmaking infinitely easier . Instead, the singles had to travel from all over the country to meet at festivals, where the matchmakers, lots of dancing (and drinking) smoothed the path of love for single men and women.
The 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love At this time forty years ago, in San Francisco people from all walks of life were wearing flowers in their hair, dancing in the streets and embracing the Hippie ideals of love, peace and tolerance. It was the summer of 1967, the Summer of Love. Up to 100,000 people of all ages flocked to the district Haight-Ashbury, where a social utopia was being built. Free music, free food, free love and free drugs were a part of the experience. The utopia could not last and eventually the masses of Hippie pilgrims, gawking tourists and excessive drug use brought the Summer of Love to an end. Nevertheless, some of the ideals are still alive and have an effect on popular culture today. Modern lifestyles involving yoga, organic food and eco-friendly consumer goods hail back to that time, as well as increased tolerance and diversity in western societies.
Unlike dating sites that let everyone see the personals of their members, be2 only allows members to view profiles that are a good match. Each member who sees your profile at be2 has been selected because their personality is well suited to yours. What sets our matchmaking website apart from a dating site is that be2 personals are individually selected and recommended. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances. The matchmaking website tells another member that your personalities match. After that it’s up to you to make your personal profile so appealing that your match will want to contact you.
What do you do when your relationship is in trouble? Talk! Sounds simple… And yet it can be so hard.If your relationship is worth saving, then overcome communication issues and start talking straight.