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I’m every woman?You may be THE woman in your man’s life, but never the only woman. As his girlfriend , you are sure to be number one. But if you want to retain the girlfriend-position in his life, make sure you know how to get on with the other women who matter.
Watch, learn, love… For those of us who have yet to find true love , romantic films are essential viewing. But rather than watching and yearning, we should be watching and learning. Each Hollywood love fest contains a lesson that can be applied when love comes around. For those who are already in love, they are a great excuse to snuggle in front of the TV and brush up on those romantic skills. Titanic: The highest-grossing romantic film of all time. Obviously, we’d prefer our personal love stories to have a happier ending, but the romance that unfolds between the top and bottom deck of the doomed ship does teach us this: Look beyond the limits of your own social world and you find love in the unlikeliest places.
After you’ve read our first date dos and don’ts ,” there are three things you need to keep in mind: location, location, location! Get it right and romance can blossom! The most important thing is a setting where you can both feel relaxed. A first date makes most people nervous, so the location should set you at ease. Show originality, but don’t show off. Your local Starbucks is an uninspired choice, but the most expensive restaurant in town is over the top. Most dates center around a meal or drinks, but you don’t want to spend the entire time sitting down, so plan something else in addition. Choose a place that is busy enough to provide some activity. A walk on the beach, a picnic in the park or the views from a rooftop bar guarantee distraction if there is a lull in the date.
Find out more “about me”In our step-by-step guide through the be2 matchmaking profile, you have already learned how to read the be2 Index and the Facts . The section “About me..” is very different from these. Singles write their own answers to questions and the responses can tell you a lot about a person. It’s a great way of finding out about likes, dislikes, loves and hates, and because the answers are written by singles, about singles and for singles, they can reveal a lot. Inventive, original or funny answers show character. Long, detailed replies prove someone went to a lot of trouble. Answers that make you think “I love that, too!” or “I feel the same!” show that you could fall in love!
Are you afraid of falling in love? Have you been to be2 before, but couldn’t find the courage to take the personality test? Or do you have a be2 profile and worry about contacting other members? What’s holding you back? If your heart has been broken before, you may be worried about getting hurt again. In every relationship, there is a risk of failure, but there is also the chance of real love. If you don’t take the risk, you will never get a chance to find out if your next relationship is the one that ends happily ever after.
You probably know all about the facts of life, but what about the facts of love? A matchmaking site allows you to find out a lot about the person you could fall in love with. Thanks to the results of the personality test , you already know your partner recommendations are well suited to you. But the personality test can’t tell you everything. That is what the “Facts” section of a be2 profile is for: to tell you about the facts of love. At be2, matchmaking relies on the assumption that love and a fulfilling relationship can grow between individuals whose personality tests result in a good match. But no matter how well two personality tests correspond, the facts may be in the way of love. Take a closer look before you take the next step: do you want a lover with children? A smoker? A teatotaller? Do religion and ethnicity matter to you?
Save the (wedding) date! The 7.7.07 has come and gone and many couples used this special opportunity to make their wedding date a memorable one. Churches and hotels across the world were swamped with requests from superstitious couples who wanted that special number to bring their wedding – and their romance – extra luck. Also, more pragmatically, a lot of couples wanted to make the date memorable – so they will never forget the anniversary!
First date Don’tsLast time we told you what to do to make your first date a success. Today, we tell you what not to do if you don’t want your date to turn into a disaster.Don’t…
”Tricked me once, won’t let you trick me twice” holds a lot of truth when it comes to love. We’ve all been in bad relationships, but most people learn from their mistakes. If you keep getting tricked into the same type of relationship, you are falling for the wrong type. Before looking for a new love at be2 , figure out what has gone wrong before to avoid the same mistake again.