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Want to look good online to increase your chances of finding a partner through an online dating site? We asked singles looking for a date through be2 how to show off your best side online. Your online dating profile picture is one of the most important determining factors that can make or break a successful profile on an online dating site. Almost a quarter of singles searching for love through be2 agree that the profile picture is the most important factor when deciding which singles to contact online.If the profile picture is so important, why do so many singles skimp on that aspect of their online dating profile? In a recent survey of 2,218 singles registered with be2 , 50% of photos submitted by singles to be2 were deemed insufficiently attractive. We aren’t talking about the looks of the person in the picture, just the quality of the photo itself.
First dates are always cause for excitement. Mostly, that’s a good thing: those first-date butterflies are an amazing feeling and they let you know that you are preparing for something special. On the other hand, you don’t want to be too nervous before a first date, either.The best way to play down first-date nerves is perfect preparation. And what better way to prepare than finding out what singles consider good dating etiquette? We asked singles looking for a date through be2 and found out…The 4 top rules of dating etiquette
One thing we love about Facebook is that it really does bring us closer to our friends and loved ones, especially if they are far away from us. It allows us to show our friends how we feel about them with one simple click and find out how they feel about us just as easily.Now, there’s a new Facebook app that is as simple as it is beautiful:The Give a Heart app lets you give a heart to your facebook friends with just two clicks – and send a little bit of love to those people that are special to you! Here’s how it works…
If you enjoyed this list, you can share it on your homepage or blog. Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML-code of your site:<iframe src="http://www.be2.co.uk/be2/external/infographic/sexrules/infographic_uk.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="653px" height="1172px"></iframe>Some laws are so strange and funny they make us scratch our head.Especially when it comes to sex and relationships, you would think that what goes on in people’s bedrooms would be private and that the state doesn’t need to get involved in anything that happens between two consenting adults.Well, think again, because as we discovered, if anyone has ever thought of doing it, there is probably a law regulating it!Seriously, who comes up with these laws?
The royal wedding is one of the most anticipated events of the year and it will be a pretty hard one to outdo.  But it seems that some singles are at least willing to give it a try and are aiming to do their best to make their own wedding dream come true. Activity amongst singles searching for love through be2 has been on the rise ever since the royal engagement was announced, particularly amongst those singles who are interested in marriage. Are British singles hoping to follow Kate and Wills down the aisle? 2011 is already shaping up to be a boom year for proposals and weddings, not just in the UK, but all over the world. As media coverage of the royal wedding increases, thousands of couples make their own wedding plans. The effect on singles can be determined by the numbers logging on to matchmaking sites, hoping to find their own prince or princess.
A long-distance relationship can be hard, but you can make the most of it. If you follow these tips that have been tried and tested by couples in long-distance relationships, you can make your long-distance relationship work. If you are single and online dating, don’t be afraid to search for partners in other cities – you might just find happiness in a long-distance relationship! Find out how to turn a long-distance relationship into a long-lasting relationship!Common worries about long-distance relationships and how to deal with themBefore you even embark on a long-distance relationship, find out if both you and your partner are truly willing to commit to a long-distance relationship. Usually the need for a long-distance relationship arises when one partner wants to make a career move that takes them to another city or when you simply happen to fall in love with someone who doesn’t live in the same place to begin with.
Many surveys in recent years have confirmed what women over 40 already knew, but what most younger people find hard to believe: Women over 40 have the best sex life. Most women over 40 confirm that they enjoy sex more and that they are having the best sex they ever had.There are a lot of good reasons why women over 40 have the best sex life. We rounded up the main reasons in a handy list:Top 6 reasons why women over 40 have the best sex life
  Many singles tell us that they get nervous before every first date they go on. Whether you have been single for ages and are worried about another first date that doesn’t lead to a second, or if you are newly single and worried that you may have lost the ability to date, it’s hard to find good first date advice. So many questions: What do I wear on a first date ( we wrote about that a while back )? Where should I meet my date ( find date location ideas here )? The things singles tend to worry about more than anything is: what do you talk about on a first date to make a good impression?We rounded up 5 tips that should guide you through your first date conversations.
  For people who want children, being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want children can mean a tough decision – should they sacrifice a happy relationship just because they want children? Or should they give up on having children to keep the relationship? Singles looking for a partner that they can one day have children with face a different dilemma: How can they find singles who also want children?A recent study not only found out what the reasons are that prevent people from wanting children and which factors have an influence on their decision. More than 1.000 childless women and men were questioned.The results of the study should also answer questions lingering on the minds of people who want children:
Bloggers love quotes, because they let you publish something, even when you don’t have anything to say The love quotes we publish here on the be2 Blog are a case in point. The love quotes blog category is one of the most popular regulars. Every week, we try to find a love quote that reflects the topics we have been writing about. In future, other bloggers can also use those quotes, but not by simply copying them. Instead, bloggers can use our Love Quote Widget.Doesn’t it look great!