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At be2, you can register free of charge, take the free personality test and view partner recommendations for free. However, to experience all the advantages of be2, you will probably want to make a payment for be2′s Premium Membership sooner or later. Here, we offer you all the advantages and conditions of the be2 Premium Membership at a glance.Advantages after payment of the be2 Premium Membership:  
Mature dating is one of the biggest internet stories of recent years. Older singles have suddenly ‚discovered‘ internet dating and senior dating agencies are seeing record numbers of registrations as more and more people hear how easy and accessible mature dating online has become. Older singles increasingly feel that it is never too late to find love and are happy to re-enter the dating game in their twilight years. The internet is the obvious destination for mature dating and while in the early days the internet attracted a younger crowd, now everybody is getting involved. In fact dating agencies that cater for older singles know that older clients are among their most successful. Mature daters are often more open minded and relaxed in their approach by comparison with their younger rivals.
Looks like Valentine’s day 2011 is going to be pretty busy around here! Earlier this year, we asked our members what Valentine’s day means for them. More than 1000 singles responded and let us know that they will be doing everything they can to get a date – or even to find the love of their life – on Valentine’s day 2011.
In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, at be2, we work even harder to find your perfect match. If you are single and have a Valentine’s Day date or if you are in a relationship and planning a romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner, you might still be looking for good Valentine’s day ideas. As „professional matchmakers“, the be2 team know a lot about love, relationships and romance, so we decided to ask around the office: „What advice can you give singles or people in a relationship for Valentine’s day? Do you have any tips for a romantic Valentine’s day?” Here, the be2 team share their best Valentine’s day ideas. 
As a dating agency, we know a lot of facts about Valentine’s Day. And still we were surprised by some of the facts about Valentine’s Day that we learned while we were putting together this fun infographic. Did you know…. Did you learn some new facts about Valentine’s Day? Then share them with your friends! Embed this infographic on your site using the code below: <div style="width:628px"><img src="http://www.be2.dk/be2/external/infographic/valentine.jpg" alt="be2 valentine infographic" /><br /> Valentine’s day graphic provided by <a href="http://www.be2.co.uk" >be2 dating</a>.</div> <p> All Facts about Valentine’s Day at a glance:
We have said it before and we are quite happy to say it again… and again and again, until every be2 member has the best profile picture possible:A good profile picture is really, really important!A profile with a nice picture can receive up to twice as many contact requests as a profile without a picture and it can really make the difference between successful matchmaking and endless searching. If you are having trouble choosing the right picture, uploading a picture to your profile or viewing somebody’s profile picture, we will try to answer all your questions here.Q: How do I pick a good profile picture? The be2 photo upload gives you a pretty good summary of what a good profile picture should look like: 
Most people don’t need or want to practice kissing – after the first few kisses, you find out what your partner likes and you get more confident. Usually, you learn to be a good kisser by kissing However, if you lack confidence, it can help to practice kissing before you kiss the guy or girl you are dating. How can you practice kissing?
Women know how to flirt with men, and how to take advantage of their looks. They profit from men’s lack of flirting skills. Women are often in a stronger position, when it comes to flirting.Flirting is a game, in which both people must be attracted to each other. Unfortunately, quite often single men get fooled into mistaking pure lust for real attraction. 3 situations every man should know how to flirt with women in:
When the financial crisis first struck, everyone was convinced that all kinds of spending would diminish. Obviously, the first thing to go would be unnecessary luxuries, then spending would stop for anything that isn’t an absolute necessity. As it turns out, love is a necessity – such an important one, in fact, that finding love on the internet has become more popular since the beginning of the financial crisis!More singles are looking for love on the internet as their economic prospects decline. Why? Obviously, many singles who may have been very work focused prior to the financial crisis, suddenly woke up to the fact that work doesn’t answer all their questions.Some singles actually take economic difficulties during the financial crisis as the main motivation for finding love online, because they don’t want to be alone in these tough times. Here’s why singles feel that looking for love will save them money (according to a be2 member survey):