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Have you ever wondered how be2 brings so many happy couples together? Well, now the secrets out, and our love searching heart is running around a television screen near you.The be2 dating heart is our new mascot, fresh off the drawing board, and appears in a new TV commercial currently being screened. The running little heart is shown tirelessly searching out true romance for one of our customers, comparing interests and values, just like the system does in real life. It’s a hard working heart: Watch our new advert and you can see our heart walking, our heart running as pigeons fly away, our heart with an iPad and even our heart riding on a scooter! – Clever little love searching heart!TV commercial with heart
When we asked European singles from different countries some questions on confidence and assertiveness, the one thing we didn’t expect was high levels of insecurity in relationships in the responses from French singles. Surely, the French are hardly perceived as the most insecure Europeans when it comes to dating?However, it seems that French singles may be suffering from insecurity in relationships. When completing the be2 personality test, French singles revealed that they score themselves lowest for attractiveness, compared to other nationalities and are less likely to express their feelings for someone they like, for fear of being rejected.The most confident European singles are Italian women, who rate themselves the most attractive and are most likely to make the first move without any sign of insecurity in relationships.How do we know about European singles’ insecurity in relationships?
be2’s new dating commercial has hit the screens as we introduce our little heart to the nation. It’s a light hearted story of boy meets girl with the help of the hard working be2 heart and a few mac books. All accompanied by a gently whistled melody…..Dating commercial with a nice tune. But what is that tune? We wanted to create a commercial with a nice tune that would help people understand what be2 is all about. A dating commercial with nice music that conveyed a relaxed, cheerful service with a serious intent. When we first heard our be2 tune, we just loved it. It had all the right ingredients for a jingle on TV and we thought just suited our approach to bringing soul mates together.be2’s whistling tv advertisement.
Strictly speaking, there is no right time to ask for a phone number. There is also no wrong time to ask for a phone number. There is only the time that is right for you and the person you are online dating. However, when we asked the members of online dating site be2 , their answers were surprisingly clear – and they might help you find the right time to ask for a phone number when you’re online dating:
be2’s new mini dating TV commercial, featuring the new animated be2 heart, has been launched. If you haven’t seen it on TV yet, have a look here. It’s a light hearted TV commercial about dating with a Mac computer and a little help from be2. The advertisement opens showing a girl with dog and computer, browsing. It’s morning in the city and there’s this girl, online, dating. Then things liven up when out pops the be2 heart to scuttle off and find our princess the man of her dreams.Once the be2 heart is done chasing pigeons in the park, his first stop is the local café, where he spies a nice looking man, about the right age with a full head of hair, reading a comic. But our hopes are dashed as a blond lady shows up and gives him a big kiss.
Making the first move is one of the many things that have been affected by online dating. Where making the first  move in the past meant buying a lady a drink in a bar or hitting her up with a corny chat up line, in the online dating world it means writing a well-crafted personal message explaining why you like someone’s profile and why you would like to find out more about them.We wanted to know how European singles today handle making the first move. We looked at one question from the be2 questionnaire that all European singles registered with be2 have completed.   We compared how certain groups of European singles replied to the following question, on average:
We know that our readers enjoy the quote about love that we post every week. People search for quotes about love on occasions like birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s day and Christmas, so we post a new quote about love every Friday. If you don’t want to wait until Friday to get our quote about love, in future you can get your daily love motto on Facebook.Daily Love Motto is a free App on Facebook that we created for our fans.   The Daily Love Motto application automatically selects the best quote about love of the day for you and allows you to share with your friends on facebook, or even to share it with a special friend.What’s your favourite quote about love from the Daily Love Motto app? This one is our favourite:
The internet is full of stories about online dating fraud. be2 recognises that of course, online dating fraud is a real issue and the internet is a great place for the victims of online dating fraud to exchange information. But quite often the alleged online dating fraud can be explained in less dramatic terms.The most common cases of online dating fraud found on the internet:
Recent research shows that over 50% of Americans know someone who met online. The taboo is quickly crumbling and saying “We met online” is quickly becoming as common as “We met through friends” or “We met at work”.There are many reasons why couples are happy to tell others “We met online”:
Even if you are interested in relationships and love,  you probably haven’t heard all of these interesting relationship facts yet. From weird to wonderful, it’s amazing what we can still learn about love and relationships…Over 50% of women in the USA are not in a relationship.People in a relationship who are happy with their love life live 4 years longer, on average.In a relationship, people only spend an average of 5 minutes a day in serious conversation.Love lasts longer in a relationship where the woman is in charge.50 % of women are not ready for a new relationship until several years after a love ends. >>>Are you ready for a loving relationship? Then use this opportunity to snap up the exclusive be2 trial offer and find love now!