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Marriage is… a learning curve A marriage preparation course has been proven to lower the risk of divorce.Marriage is… no longer a must Every US census of the past years shows dropping marriage rates. In 2007 49,7 % of American households were centered around a married couple, down from 52 % in 2007.Marriage is… a successful institution, despite divorces 75% of divorcees re-marry within 3 years.Marriage is… no place for deadly sex Over 50 % of men who die during sex are with a lover or prostitute. Only 25 % die while they are having sex with their wife.Marriage is… not always a personal choice 60 % of all marriages worldwide are arranged. >>> What is Marriage? It’s possible for everyone! 
…or, if you look at it the other way around, men deprived of women’s company die younger! This is the conclusion of a recently published study. Of course it is worth looking at it in more detail to find out what the scientists really discovered. The study, published in Demography magazine, explains the effects of the “sex ratio”.What is the sex ratio? The sex ratio determine the rate of men to women in a society. The ideal sex ratio (from a biological and demographical perspective) would be 100 men to 100  women or one man for every women. The study is particularly interesting, because the sex ratio is becoming more and more unbalanced, due to the idealisation of men in some cultures.The study shows that this is not a good thing at all. In addition to the known negative effects in rural areas where many young men can’t find women to have a relationship or start a family with, a negative sex ratio affects the life expectancy of men.
Beginning a relationship can be hard. But a breakup can be just as hard – if you don’t do it right! If you stick to these tips that tell you how to end a relationship, you might just survive the breakup unharmed…HOW TO END A RELATIONSHIP GONE BADOr: How to break up with your girlfriend while you still can!
You want to learn how to kiss like Casanova and plant the perfect kiss on your lover’s lips? In order to learn how to kiss, you need to know what happens to the body when you kiss and what cultural meanings are attached to kissing.  How to kiss in facts:
The girls of Oktoberfest are fun, flirty and beautiful. Dressed in the traditional Munich dress, the “Dirndl”, they are proud of their hometown, which hosts the most famous beerfest in the world, welcoming millions of visitors from around the globe every year.But just because the girls of Oktoberfest are dressed to the nines, drinking beer and having fun, doesn’t mean they will flirt with just any guy. You have to know how to flirt with Munich singles if you want to get lucky.Here’s your insider guide to flirting with the girls of Oktoberfest:
Single golfers are golfers who don’t just play the course alone, but are also missing a partner by their side in everyday life. But single golfers needn’t stay alone, if they know the right place to look for a golf partner who is also a perfect partner for life. The ideal place for single golfers to search is a serious matchmaking site like be2. Single golfers can find…… serious singles from their region, thanks to regional search … single golfers, who share their passion for the game … singles who are a good match, according to the science-based personality testSingle golfers can find a golf partner and find a partner for life with these tips:
Usually, online matchmaking goes like this: Step 1. You set up a great profile, giving information about your personality, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams. Step 2. You find someone whose profile is a good match, get in touch, get to know each other through messages, phone calls, etc. Step 3. You decide you want to meet in person. After you have reached Step 3, you are faced with first date ideas for the first time. Either you come up with first date ideas or you get to judge the first date ideas suggested by the other person. Either way, the first date ideas come relatively late in the matchmaking process, when you already like someone enough to want to met them. 
Are you a Christian Single, serious about your faith? Are you looking for the love of your life, but feel that normal dating websites aren’t right for you? That this world of flirts, one night stands and affairs couldn’t possibly be the right place to find Christian singles that share your values and your wish for a serious relationship?Don’t give up the hope that it can be possible to find the love of your life online! For Christian singles, it is particularly important to find a partner who shares their values and beliefs. Christian dating online through a serious matchmaking service is a great way to find that special someone. When you try the superior service of a serious matchmaker like be2, you will immediately see the difference to ordinary dating sites and understand why be2 is the perfect solution for Christian Singles.Here’s our top tips for Christian Dating online:
Online dating sites help fulfil the hopes, dreams and desires of singles looking for love. Ideally, this is a great service that makes many people very happy. But unfortunately, online dating is not all about rational decisions and criminal individuals abuse the emotional vulnerability of some members to get at their money. There are various ripoff schemes all over the internet, but at be2 we do everything in our power to prevent our customers being ripped off. As a be2 member you are safer from being ripped off than you would be on some other, especially free, dating sites. First of all, the application is time consuming and secondly, all members remain anonymous as long as they want to be, making it more difficult to obtain personal data.
Do you want to know what made the difference for singles who wanted to find love through be2?Based on our success stories, we’ve tried to answer that question and came up with an amazing answer.It’s amazing because it’s so amazingly simple: