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If you are worried about the financial crisis, then you now have one more thing to be worried about: you might not only lose your money, you could also lose your love. If the financial crisis affects you, the result can be a relationship in crisis. Even the greatest love can take a hit in financially difficult times. Many couples are currently experiencing a relationship in crisis, caused by the global financial crisis. Relationship counsellors, divorce lawyers, and real estate agents all confirm the sad trend. Summer should be the time for sun, love, and happiness, but at the moment more couples are fighting and even separating than celebrating a summer wedding. There’s a clear correspondence between the financial crisis and relationships in crisis and that connection is most clearly visible in the pace where all the trouble began.
Trust the Americans to come up with this: We all know Coffee is an aphrodisiac, due to its stimulating qualities. We wrote about aphrodisiac foods before on this blog and there is no shortage of natural aphrodisiac foods. But in the land of bigger is better, that wasn’t enough, so an American company came up with theaphrodisiac Power Magic Coffee that is allegedly even more effective than your regular cuppa. If this Magic Power Coffee really works, it might help convert a lot of British tea drinkers to coffee drinkers in a very short time!However, excitement about the “aphrodisiac coffee” has already been dampened, because the American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) already issued a warning about some dangerous substances contained in Magic Power Coffee, which, in combination with some medication, can cause dizziness and lightheadedness.
Online dating sites try to fulfil the hopes, dreams and wishes of singles. Which, ideally, is a beautiful thing. But unfortunately, the very fact that online dating isn’t all about rational decision-making, has given rise to dating scams. be2 does everything that is possible to fight dating scams, but love is blind and dating scammers know how to use that blindness to their best advantage.If you are a be2 member, you are safer from dating scams than on some other, especially free, dating websites that are far moire prone to scams. be2 is serious matchmaker and most members are looking for a long-term, fulfilling relationship – but unfortunately, not all of them. The first thing that deters dating scammers from be2 is the elaborate personality test. But nevertheless, some scammers still register with be2, in order to trick hopeful singles out of their money. We warn our members about the dangers of dating scams, because without their help, we can’t catch all the scammers.
The times have changed, the internet is part of our daily life and we have all adapted to this reality, right? Most people think nothing of ordering clothes, books or even food on the internet.  We book flights, cinema tickets and make dinner reservations online and we use the web to stay in touch with or even to find new friends. In short: there is no area of our lives that remains unchanged by the innovations of the online age. And because love is as much a part of our lives as all the other things listed here, our dating habits have changed, too.
Five simple tips that can make the difference between successful dating and dating disaster: 1. Avoid the normal and make it a different dating experience! 2. Sit strategically at the first date, namely next to your date and not in front of her/him. 3. Choose non-trivial conversation topics, so you don’t risk boring your date. 4. MEN, remember SPECIFIC DETAILS about your date and follow up on interesting topics! 5. The best good advice, however, is to end the date when you’re having fun! Keep some good stuff for the next date. >>>What’s that? You don’t have anyone to go on a date yet? Then find someone here!
 The ball is rolling on the field, you want to cuddle with your boyfriend, but he is stuck to the TV…It’s the football World Cup and if there ever is a time to go football-mad, this is it! Even people who usually take no interest in football, become fans for four weeks, so if your boyfriend is a real football fan, he will have time for little else while the World Cup is on.Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of the football World Cup with your boyfriend:   - What about asking him: “Where are we watching today’s game: my place or yours?” This is an excellent chance to show an interest in his Hobby. Maybe in return he will take part in something that interests you – after the World Cup, of course
We regularly post lists of dating and relationship advice, full of handy tips and ideas to help you find a relationship, survive a first date or keep your relationship happy. Your profile picture is incredibly important for successful online dating, so we put together these tips for a good online dating photo. Here are our tips for women and men on the best online dating profile picture: ADVICE FOR YOUR DATING PROFILE PICTURE: 7 tips for the best photo
Have you ever thought about the people behind be2? Ever considered whether the people who write these blog posts, customer emails, or website content, like their job? Whether be2 is a good workplace? I’d like to tell you a little about working at be2:At be2, a job is not just a job. Everyone is involved in our shared project, to help singles find the right match, but each individual employee contributes to that goal in a different way. We are a young workplace with lots of energy, creativity, and positive inspiration. There’s always space for new ideas and initiatives. Projects are being launched constantly, and thought is usually followed by action… with a little translation help, since we come from 37 countries. We’re proud of our job – helping people find love – and this year we’re especially proud of having reached 20 million members worldwide.
Do you think women are evil? Some men obviously think so, or at least the man who came up with the equation at right seems to think so. Well, we know better and we will prove that the equation contains a logical error! I suppose that the man who came up with this equation hasn’t found his soul mate yet… or he is he a man who always tries to find a mathematical explanation for everything? Either way, this mathematical equation is so funny that you can only take his insults with a smile! Instead of taking offense, we women accept that we are actually not always easy to deal with and, in the name of all of women, I confess that women = problems is sometimes true. But then again, the same could be said about men.
What role does fashion play in your dating success? Is there such a thing as the ideal first date fashion? First date fashion for women in 2010 is becoming less influenced by the financial crisis: the look is chic and classical, but with a rising optimism in both colour choice as well as new, creative details added to an otherwise simple cut. Dating fashion follows its own rules:1. First date fashion should always emphasize your strong points • Women in tight t-shirts is always a hit – especially on those with trimmed torsos. • Slender women can wear tight fit, while the chubbier should choose a baggier fashion. • Women with feminine curves had better reveal their cleavage, whereas sporty girls could underline their behind instead. • However, you should always remember that you are on a date, not as a sales show, so don’t put too much of your goods on display!