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 We talk about love week after week, about how easy it can be to find a partner through online matchmaking and how that special person can change your life. But we usually take it for granted that our readers know the advantages of living in a relationship – and that they want that for themselves, too. Today we are going to list the advantages of living in a relationship, just in case you don’t know them yet.Living with a relationship is, in short, full of advantages and benefits. We are used to articles telling us about the unavoidable problems that living together brings with it: sealing with a messy partner, lifestyles clashing, arguments about the remote control… However it is not common to talk about the advantages of living together in a relationship, because we just accept them as normal.
Are you dreaming of a trip down the aisle, of the perfect dress to wear and the perfect man to say “yes” to in front of the altar? But is that dream becoming ever more unrealistic as you get older and the men you date turn out not to be husband material?Are the men the problem or is your behaviour part of the reason you are having trouble finding a husband? Imagine how much happier you could be if you knew how to pick – and keep – a man who wants what you want. In short: would your life be happier if you knew knew how to get married ?
 The days where singles stayed home rather than travel alone are long gone. Many singles can go on holidays with other single friends, but if most of your friends are couples or don’t have time for a holiday, you can opt for single holidays offered by professional tour operators, aimed specifically at singles who don’t want to travel alone.Obviously, lost of singles hope to flirt or even fall in love when they book single holidays. But whether love strikes or not, single holidays are a great way of meeting other singles who share similar interests and are interested in a friendship. Bookings for single holidays 2010 remain high, financial crisis or not. There are plenty of companies that offer single holidays. These days, they don’t just target singles as a uniform group, but rather offer packages that suit personal interests, for example…
 Dating single parents don’t have it easy. Many single mums and dads would like a partner to share the ups and downs of parenting with. But where can single parents find a partner that is willing to fall in love not just with a new partner, but with a whole new family?These days, more and more dating single parents are relying on online matchmaking to help them find the right person for a happy relationship. Especially at this time of year, when we celebrate mother’s and father’s day, we want to give even more single parents the opportunity to find love through be2 matchmaking.Are you happy on mother’s day or father’s day, because you know how blessed you are to be a parent? But are you also sad, because you don’t have a partner to share that happiness with?Then register for a free, no strings, be2 membership and try dating for parents
 There is only one reason why singles register with a matchmaking site: They want to find a partner. On the other hand, there are many reasons to cancel a matchmaking site membership:
At first glance, Facebook and dating look like a great combination. You can connect with a person you met on a night out without all that pesky “can I get your number” business. If you know their name or if they are friends with your friends, you can look them up and send them a friend request. Once that is done, you can cyber-stalk away…Facebook and dating combined let you find out a potential date’s likes and dislikes, see where they hang out, which parties and concerts they will be going to. You can even trace their Facebook and dating history by scanning their wall for posts from exes!Once you are sure that Facebook has told you enough about this potential date, you can try dating for real. Then, when you get past the dating stage, Facebook allows you to make your relationship official, leaving little room for ambiguity. Once a person’s relationship status changes, you know where you stand.
 Singles should always allow themselves time to analyse their own needs in a relationship before they begin to search for a new partner and fall in love again. A personality types testcan help singles to understand which relationship type they are and to find out what they need to pay attention to when they are looking for a relationship. If relationships keep failing for the same reasons and bad relationship patterns repeat themselves, singles must be prepared to search for a cause within themselves, in order to break the pattern. Continuing to search for a relationship in the same way will only lead to more heartbreak.
Everyone loves an Irish girl – including us at be2;) Happy St- Patrick’s Day! “May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.” - Irish BlessingIf you would like to find an Irish girl to fall in love with, you might find her at be2 in Ireland . After all, there is a rich matchmaking tradition in Ireland , be2 is just doing it a little differently than the matchmakers at Irish farmer’s markets used to…
Did you see the film Kinsey ? (Trailer after the jump)?Then you don’t just know about Alfred Kinsey’s studies on sex, but also about his personal sex life. He was the first to ask people questions about sex that no one before him had dared to ask – and he put his theories to the test. And because he was a scientist and asked so many questions (500) of so many people (20.000) that the results were statistically relevant, the Kinsey report made him famous.What many don’t know: The famous Kinsey report on the sexual habits of Americans wasn’t the end of his research. On the contrary – the Kinsey Institute has a user-friendly, informative Website that still asks all the questions others don’t dare to ask (even if the number of those who don’t dare is significantly smaller today). So, if you have a question about sex , visit the site – you will probably find an answer there.
Love is all you need. If only it were that simple. In reality it’s more like: Love, good chemistry, reliability, sensitivity …and lots more… is all you need.But how can you tell if the man you’re in love with right now is the one you really could have a happy relationship with? Ideally you should find out early on in a relationship if he could be the One, rather than investing time in a relationship that has no real future. We have put together a few signs that let you know if HE is THE One for a happy relationship: