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Puppy love

puppy loveMy name is Sylvia , I’m 23 years old and I registered at be2 in June. It went pretty well from the start. I was in contact with a few men, some of whom were from my area, some from further away. But unfortunately, even after two months, none of them wanted to meet me.

They were probably put off by the fact that I have two dogs and work on weekends quite often. At the beginning of August a nice young man ( Frank , 27) from my area wanted to get to know me. I liked his picture, especially his smile, so I wrote back.

We started writing to each other every day. It was completely different from the previous email-exchanges. His messages were more personal, open and honest.

I was going through a hard time and he gave me a lot of encouragement with his kind words. After a week he suggested we should meet, as the evenings could be boring alone. My job prevented me from meeting him straight away. When the time finally came, I felt quite excited, but I wasn’t really expecting to find true love.

I had told him that we would recognise each other by our dogs – and we did. When I arrived, he was already waiting for me. As he came closer, I got more and more excited, because I could tell that he was even better looking than in the picture on the internet. I had never believed in love at first sight, but that’s exactly what happened.

He was so sweet, nice and friendly. I felt very attracted to him. The dogs also got on very well and became great friends. We went for a two-hour walk with the dogs. The fact that it was raining didn’t even bother us. We had plenty to talk about and I felt like I had known him for ages. We went for a meal after, but I could barely eat, I was so excited. I didn’t want to let him go at the end of the night.

After a final short walk, we did say goodbye. I was so in love, I couldn’t sleep that night and the next day I couldn’t eat. My thoughts were with him all the time. However, I didn’t know if he felt the same. The next evening we had arranged to take our dogs for another walk and it was wonderful. The night after we had another date and he came to my place for the first time.

Since then we have been inseparable. He is the man of my dreams and I am the luckiest person in the world. We are a great match and we like all the same things. It’s hard to believe, but he moved in a week later. We just belong together and didn’t want to be apart.

We have been living together for three months and it’s going great. We are very happy and looking forward to our future together.
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