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ringing in the new year

ringing in the new yearDaniela , 23, from Munich, registered at www.be2.de on New Year’s Day. Her younger sister had given her the idea, because she had met her boyfriend through the online matchmaking agency. That same night, the profile of Marc caught her eye. "I had only been online for an hour or two with be2 and was just about to write him a message, but he beat me to it!" the student recalls.

Marc was on holidays, so they communicated by email at the start. After five days, Marc was back in Munich and called Daniela. "We spoke on the phone from 7 in the evening until 3 at night, talking about work and family. After midnight we made a date for the next day." Marc and Daniela live just two train stops apart and met at the train station to spend the day together. "I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning waiting for him," Daniela says. They had exchanged pictures, so they knew each other straight away. "We walked around town, stopped off at a café and went for a Chinese meal. It was a lovely Sunday." On the second date it was already time for the first kiss. They both knew from the start that they had fallen in love and that they were serious.

Their be2 profiles showed that they were a good match: Marc and Daniela are vegetarians, read a lot, like the same music, use the internet a lot and have similar jobs. "We are both quite interested in spirituality and we really feel we were meant for each other", says Daniela.

They have already made plans together: The next step is a flat together. Marriage was already a topic after two weeks in love. They also want a family, but for now they want to enjoy being a twosome. They even want to work together in the long run. In a few weeks, Marc and Daniela will meet her parents, along with the sister and her boyfriend. "Our parents were quite surprised that both daughters had met a partner in such a short time, but they are very happy for us", says Daniela. "All six of us are looking forward to meeting up."
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