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So well matched that distance is no barrier

He says
"It seems we are well matched in many areas, and are still finding things that we both like doing together, so the profiling by be2 obviously works very well. Although we have some distance to travel to see each other, it is a small price to pay, because we have 'clicked' since we first made contact with each other."

She says
"I really want to thank be2 for finding me someone who is so special. He is really loving, caring and everything I was looking for. At first we thought the distance between us would be a problem, but once we met, we realised we wanted to be together and the travelling is not a problem. We have found a lot of common ground, which is why we get on so well, and that is thanks to be2's profiling, so thank you for that. We are both looking at this being the long term relationship we both craved, and we cannot thank be2 enough for bringing us together."
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