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stairway to love

stairway to loveWhen he took the stairs rather than the lift, looked up the stairs and into her eyes with his positive, sporty look, he impressed Ute . "As I walked the stairs to her flat on the second floor, I must have somehow impressed her. Of course, today I say that I spent years climbing stairs to prepare for that moment", Guido recalls with a laugh. The 43-year old salesman and the 44-year old insurance saleswoman met through online matchmaker be2. After exchanging some photos, there was no reply from Ute. Guido spent a sleepless night, only to be told the following day: "Your photos are quite funny." Guido saw himself fighting a losing battle trying to win the clever lady with the good looks. Until the first date, where Guido convinced Ute with his charisma, his charm and the famous stair-walk. "Today it’s our running gag!" says Ute.

Everything happened very fast between them. Ute had already registered for the second time with be2, but it was the first time that she upgraded to a Premium Membership. "The price of the Premium Membership had put me off at first. In the end I decided to do it, because anyone who really wants to find a partner, not just a flirt, will be willing to pay", the mother of two teenagers, who has been divorced for some years, recalls. Guido has never been married. He had similar reasons for choosing be2. "I had been active on other matchmaking websites. be2 seemed to be the most trustworthy.“

Ute was one of his top partner recommendations, but not in first place. His attention was drawn to her because of her unusual pseudonym: "She was called 'bleudegance', a French nickname. That made an impression. I was sure: this is a woman with an educated background." Guido had called himself 'tarantino 242' and sent Ute the first message. "The first four days we wrote emails, which were more like long letters. We arrived at deep conversations very quickly", the father of one recalls. After a few days, photos were exchanged. Now Guido was sure: "You’ve got to keep at it. I felt that we had a connection and I simply had to take the initiative." Hours on the phone kept them going for a few days, until Guido decided to get in the car and drive to Ute. She had the ‘flu, but already trusted Guido enough to let him see her in a state that wasn’t suitable for a first date. At 4 p.m. Guido took the stairs to the second floor. The rest is history.

Guido had booked a hotel for four days. After all, they didn’t know each other yet. Ute and Guido spent five beautiful days together, developing strong affections. Today they are calling it true love. "So far I have never experienced total fulfillment with a woman. With Ute that’s different. She is heaven-sent!" Guido says of his girlfriend. After a few visits, he realised that he wanted to exchange a love of his home town for this new love. “My job at the time was only a temporary one and there was nothing tying me down, but Ute has two kids and a permanent job, so she is less flexible than I am." Guido moved in with Ute four weeks after meeting her and found his dream job three months later. "If someone had told me this would happen a few months ago, I would have thought they were crazy. It sounds like the story of a romance novel, not like reality", Guido says with a laugh. Nevertheless, it seems like there is no end to the romance in sight: "We have had no serious fights. While I tell our story, I can feel tears welling up. In Ute I have found the person I want to grow old with.”

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