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Wedding bells once more

wedding bells once more
Brenda Cooke, 66 of Ramsey, was initially uncertain about using online dating services and did quite a lot of research before she decided to give matchmaking service be2 a try. She was destined not to regret her decision.

Brenda joined be2 in August and exchanged messages with several people she met on the site. However, it was nearly a month later that she spotted a user called DGJames in her list of partner recommendations and sent him a message. From there things started to happen pretty quickly.

“When I read his profile it just attracted me to him. Being a Christian too was a big plus and when we first met up we felt so at ease with each other. I think it was love at first sight! We enjoyed a lovely meal out and afterwards I never doubted that we would see each other again and things would work out.”

Wedding bells

Despite David living Wales, they had so much in common, both widowed and with a shared faith, that they decided that their chance at love was worth the journey.

“We have known each other for only 6 weeks now and are planning our marriage in the next few months. I thank the Lord that we have been given a second chance to have happiness in our later years.”

Lovestory update:Brenda and David got married in February! Congratulations from the whole be2 team!


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